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Special Delivery - At Last!

Hurrah! Finally got my package, crikey it's a big box isn't it? Full of possibilities and hope, I think I can see a tiny little slim me somewhere at the bottom of it waving back up at me!!! Mucho excited, starting in the morning! It's perfect timing too, I start a new job in 2 weeks so will be at least slightly reduced by the time I start!! Woop!
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Aw thank you! If your results are anything to go by then with some serious dedication it'll happen for me! BTW, I've been lurking here for a while, and I love your balloons, congrats on the latest!


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I've just seen these posts about the Exante diet, could you please tell me where you get this from and costs? Many thanks, Bess.
Hi Bess! Best of luck if you switch over, I'll keep you posted on what it's like to start off on!!


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Thanks so much macy, Want2beMe and Divster, I have done Cambridge, lost 4 stones, gained 2 and am trying but not succeeding on my own. How do you think this differs from CD? I'd be interested to hear your experiences.

Many thanks, Bess.
Hi Bess

The principal of the diet is the same, whether Cambridge or Exante.
I originally lost 4 stone with cambridge, but messed about and gained 1.10 back over the last year.

I`ve now shifted 10lbs with exante, and def going to get that last stone off!

I find the shakes not as sweet, but after a few days, my taste buds adjusted !
The bars are simply lush , although there are only two flavours compared to cambridge where I think its about 6 or so.

I much prefer Exante bars, and their soups are lovely, thick & creamy.
I didn`t like cambridge soups, found them a bit too watery, so had porridge instead, but after a while that tasted too salty.
All in all I`m so glad I tried Exante !

I have much more variety now since I bought the bumper mixed pack, and the price is realistic.

Convenience wise, I love the simplicity of online ordering and next day delivery ! (although i didn`t realise they don`t deliver saturdays, just found that out after placing order this morning !!)

All in all, I`m sure you`ll have a fantastic experience with this diet and it WILL work !!
Let us know how you get on !!


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I've just looked at the link you posted Macy and it tell me that Extante is 3 of their meals plus ordinary food, is that right? Not a compete VLCD then?
Sorry Bess
Haven`t been about for few days!

You have several options with Exante, you can stick to just three products (vlcd), or you can add food. (theres a list of what you should have but basically same as Cambridge)

I choose to have 3 packs & then chicken & brocolli for my evening meal.


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Thanks Macy, still thinking.....:)


The Minis Bad Boy
Soon as I saw it was next day delviery I ordered. I should recieve to tomorrow and be on it Thursday morning. Excited but dreading it at the same time.

I am not going to have a blow out of food but I prob will eat my favourite stuffs over the next couple of days.
Can't wait for my pack next week!!!!!!!!!:D Ill be ordering it at 8am prompt lol x

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