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I tried to do it and wasn't sucessful. I was hungry all of the time and quit after a couple of days. Why? It just wasn't feasable for me. I realized that a healthy diet is better. I have gotten off the "eating better" bandwagon as of late though.

Honestly I don't feel that its a very healthy way to lose weight, you know? Maybe as a jumpstart as you say. Let us know how it goes for you! I wouldn't do it permanantly to lose weight, because like most "diets" as soon as you eat regularly again, you will gain the weight back.

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Me and a friend do this every year in Jan!
I am doing it at the mo. Although I always lose weight and then put it all back on :( Im determined not to this time though!
I have never dropped a dress size doing it in 2 weeks. Maybe thats because at my size Id have to lose about 2 stone to drop a dress size and I usually only lose a few lbs doing the special K thing.
If you like cereal then go for it!
I do have fruit and low fat yogurt as snacks as well as a main meal.


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I've been doing it alongside my Paul McKenna system for the last couple of months and did it on its own for a couple of weeks before that with good consistent results. I decided to give it a shot for a fortnight but ended up really liking my chosen one (Special K Bliss with chocolate and strawberries), so while I might not have 2 bowls everyday, I'm doing it quite frequently and certainly replacing a lot of cheese sandwich and crisps lunches.
I find it keeps me going for a long time (today I had a late breakfast of special K and didn't bother with anything else til dinner), but that might be cos I'm doing the wonderful McKenna brainwashing at the same time.


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I did it once and did not succeed. I managed a week and was so fed up of eating it. I also found the bowl sizes not enough I was hungry all the time and grumpy.


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I have and I was hungry ALL the time?! lasted 1 week was miserable and hardly lost any weight.

To be honest it seems to be just like SlimFast but with cereal instead.

A shake for breakfast, shake for lunch, healthy dinner!

Only difference is SlimFast shakes have load more nutrients and you feel fuller!


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The same experience: I tried unsuccessfully as well. Quitted after 2 days – I was too hungry all the time.

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I've never tried this, but if you decide to try it please let us know how it went. :)


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Tried this a few years ago, after 4 days, i just couldnt hack the hunger and spent 15 quid on take out food and beer.

It left me so hungry and angry, wouldnt do it again


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I'm an old cynic - I just see it as a way of them getting people to buy loads of their product :rolleyes:

I don't think you'd lose any more weight than if you were to follow a calorie-controlled diet for a fortnight.