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spicy curry soup.....

oh my god ive never had such a strange concoction.... i liked the first half (think it was the change to be honest) but half way through i thought i was gonna puke... sorry if too much info. there has never been a truer smiley to express how i felt....:jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous::jelous: xx
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our counsellor hasnt even mentioned any of the new flavours so i will have to ask on friday to see when she might be getting them - living down in Cornwall we are usually the last to get anything! ( like electricity, running water!! lol - i jest! ).
Muligatawny Soup - one of the British classic soups.


starting over
:hmm:Aah yes, the glorious days of the Raj...
Curry Soup - having one for lunch today - definitely not looking forward to it. Not after the first one I had. Bluh
It's my first wk on LL and I got a few spicy curry soups, I liked them at first but kinda getting sick of them now that I'm on day 6!
I think i done the curry soup to watery :/ bleurgh!

Plus mum commented on the smell on the soup... and my brother.


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
GLOL!! That's the way I read it too!!! :8855:

/Didn't realise that's not what she meant, till I re-read it after seeing you post!! Lol...


Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ok... So, just tried the curry soup... And it's quite yummy! Got a bit of a kick to it... and just nice to taste something different I think! Could tire of it if I had it too often, but so far, glad I picked up 3 for this week... :D

Hey, i don't know if it's been mentioned. Last night my LL councellor said that she really wanted a naan bread (spelling?) with her soup. So i suggested maybe making the soup a bit thicker and then making a popadom with one of the other soups. Just a thought, although i'm not really a big fan of the curry one :(. x

Pinkie :)

Slowly shrinking again!
Ooh, yes, that was a good suggestion Cass... :)

Made me giggle that you're having to advise the councellor! Lol... Good 'aint ya'! ;)

I enjoyed my first go at the curry soup yesterday, although my tummy was veeeerrry gurgly for the rest of the evening! Bit embarrassing whilst trying to watch tele with company! Hehe... I think my body has just got used to the simple, 'basic-ness' of the other packs and suddenly went "What the hell?!!?!? :eek:" upon the consumption of something with a bit of kick!! LOL!

Mind you, I stopped using Tobasco a while ago, as that made me all a bit gurlgy too! :eek:

Haha i know, she was like "oooo i'll give it ago tomorrow".

:D glad you enjoyed it, think you'll have it again?


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