Spicy Tomato Soup-Ugh!


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Just had to share my Spicy Tomato soup experience.

I've liked all the other soups, tolerated the shakes and enjoyed the Tetras- but this was something else...

Isobel had warned me there were mixed opinions on it, so I approached it with wariness.

There, sitting in my bowl was the most foul smelling thing I've ever encountered since Pulmo Bailly cough medicine (eg very, very foul). In it's favour it mixed well, but then I took my first sip. Slightly better than it smells was my first thought- but then I got another whiff of that noxious tomato-in-a-nuclear-landscape smell and felt sick. I stopped breathing through my nose and gulped the rest of the mug quickly. I only left a bit, then washed it down the sink, washed the bowl and blender and necked a pint of water in an attempt to decontaminate me and the kitchen.

On the positive side though, I was determined to finish it because I didn't want to lose vitamins and minerals I should be having. For a long time, in fact most of my life, I wasn't bothered about any vitamins or minerals I might or might not be having, so this seems a good step forward on the CD.

My pledge; never again will Spicy Tomato soup cross my threshold or my lips!
I like spicy tomato although I haven't had it for months. having said that, it IS an acquired taste ... like Marmite, you either love it or hate it! ;)
Hi Kate

I can totally relate to this... I hate all of the soups and couldn't get any of them down so you did well to drink it all. This has now changed though and I love the Oriental Chilli soup and have one a day. The crisps made from this one are fab too.

Jazzy x
I liked the smell and look of the spicy Tomato soup... had a slip, kinda like it

THEN - after about 2 mouthfuls, the real taste hit....urgggggg...

Never again.

I read this earlier and instantly had to have one - it was LOVELY!!! :D Adore the oriental chilli, although I tend to make it into patties rather than just having it as soup.

Mind you, even the thought of marmite makes me wanna gag!! :p
See- who needs the United Nations- more than anything the diversity of reactions to Spicy Tomato soup proves to me that humans have lots of similarities- but lots of great differences!
And there's me ordering twelve cartons of it just for you, KateF !!!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!!

OK - I'll strike that one off your favs list lol!
On the postive side just had a frozen banana tetra...mmmmm..heaven.
adore chilli but whoever invented tomato is evil!!!!!

try frozen choc tetra, now that is a taste sensation!!!!
LOL guys.....:D I must be on my own with this one as I LURVE the tomato Soup.:p

So endeth this thread!!!