Spider Course - Am I Cured???


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Hi all

Went to London to see if i could get cured...got home and saw a HUGE one on the skirting board... OH GOD!!!! Welcome home me...

Am i cured?

Well my reaction was certainly different, i didnt scream or shout or go mad, BUT i couldnt tackle it either (i broke down in tears, devasted, called the neighbour...).

BUT BUT i am not one to let it get to me, i will dust myself off, like dieting, i WILL be cured, I will try and go again, I get knocked down...i will get up again. i feel like i am on the brink of salvation here...

One more shot next year if they let me go again :) and hopefully they will

I would recommend it!!!

Ah sorry the course wasn't a roaring success, honey but you did handle it better than you would have done before you went on it!

Rome wasn't built in a day - and spiders are really, really horrid things!!!!!
Isobel girl, if you wanna go, i would love the company

Its over for this season and starts again next year...

Its a thing to consider!

I had a great time though...Around the Zoo, on the tube...made a coupla pals from the course...

Overall it was a gas time.

I will go back and by gum-ball i will be cured!

I think they're horrible too....if I can get away with it I'll get someone else to sort them but usually resort to hoovering them up!!

Oh oh, I can see I am going to have to make a call to the RSPCS in the morning.
They come back out the hoover...ahhhhhh

Ya know if i invented a spider catcher...a bona fida humane one that even the most arachnaphobe could use, i'd be able to buy a small Island somewhere...

Oh baby

I DID however hold a trauntuala!!!! cant spell the word but i HELD it! petted it etc etc

Lovely, very very soft indeed

My problems are with the household ones...

i must do that course they terrify me, i used to have a phobia about dentist for over 20yrs, went to see a local hypnotist who charged me £20 and hey presto cured, so i might see him about the spiders,
this is my 3rd attempt at professional help

i wont give up, but the fear is ingrained in my mind

eeek! spiders terrify me! i get all shakey and panicky when i see one. If its in the same room as me i have to keep my eyes on it incase it moves! as long as i can see it, i know that its no where near me! if it moves while im not looking and i cant see it, all hell breaks loose!
I cant sleep if there's one in the bedroom....the hoover is my best friend....i can keep the spider at arms length AND get rid of it up the hoover nozzle!!
Last night i got up off the sofa and saw a black mark on the seat....on closer investigation i realised i had sat on, and squashed a spider! i had to pull my trousers off pronto so that i could get all traces of the spider as far away as possible!!!!

Oh dear. do i sound a bit phsyco? (sp?)
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no your not lol, i was sitting on my sofa one day and as i leant forward, my sons eyes widened and i said whats wrong, ` you have a massive spider on your back mum` well in one second flat i ripped the t shirt off down the front cos i knew if i took it off over my head the spider would run in my hair, my son was amazed :D
:D PMSL!!!!!!