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Splitting shakes?

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hmmm sometimes i split my shakes but not really noticed a difference in my weight loss. but i suppose no harm in trying. i know what u mean about the shakes tasting urgh when u split them. the best thing to do i think is to pour the whole thing out into a container and mix it up so that the powder is all nicely mixed. and then use half and put the other half back or something.. :S


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You need to eat/ drink your shakes within 15 min of making them to get full nutritional value. If you split them make them with less water
I have split mine before, I was faffing around with the diet so can't say about the weight loss.

But when I split mine, I actually weighed the pack out and put it in a small container. When making them up I made them with half of the recommended water. (113.5ml /4foz) not alot but I found it helped as I was gagging to get the shakes down me then
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You need to eat/ drink your shakes within 15 min of making them to get full nutritional value. If you split them make them with less water
I agree with mama. However it pays not to mess around with the shakes too much, just do what it says on the directions and the weight comes off. Some weeks slow, some fast, but its all chip, chipping away.
FANTASTIC weight loss by the way mama22...wow!! :)


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Sounds strange but I have found the more water I drink the more I lose so you could try that :)
Thanks girls, iv been splitting the powders, shakes arnt too bad but don't have many of them mostly soups, suppose iv just gotta face facts it's gunna slow down, I'm on my 19th week and only 1lb away from 5stone, 5stone is my everest! Hopefully pass it this week, thanks for the advice x
why would shakes taste diff if u split them???
Of course they do they are a measured dose, make it with the right amount of water and just drink the extra water....,
Sorry wasn't judging, just not heard of doing that.
I didn't think u was, sorry if I came across abrupt, I just can't get away with the soups, and if it doesn't speed up the metabolism up I mays well just do them the right way :)

I think the best advise is do the diet as its meant to be done, we all know it works if u stick to plan, it's just frustrating that weight loss isn't linear so we hav ups and downs. Seems silly to drink awfuly weak soups for no real benefit???

Good luck what ever you decide to do x
Cheers chick x
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also i wanted to find out, if i have 2 shakes and a meal at night will that help with my weight loss as i dont always find i want all 3 shakes? or isit best to have all 3 shakes? thanks
if u are SS or SS+ u should have all of your shakes, as you move up the plans you gradually add more food and have less shakes.

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