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Spolly's Atkins Diary

Hey all!!

I started on atkins two days ago, feeling good, yet still finding it hard to get my head round the idea that the foods i'm eating are going to help me loose weight. I'm a bit of a serial dieter, so have the calorie counting mentality. Hence trying Atkins - obviously the other diets haven't worked for me or I wouldn't be!! :)

Did Cambridge Last year, and lost quite a lot of weight, but after getting sick and being advised to take a break, I just couldn't bring myself to eat the soups/ shakes etc. I then tried Xenical, but just ost motivation with the low fat caorie counting thing.... Shame with that one because i'd started so positively!!

Anyway, now i'm on Atkins. I go to the gym 2-3 times a week, and bely dancing once a week (I did keep up the exercise after stopping xenical, which i'm really pleased with).

I have a beautiful two year old boy, In the last six months I have married my gorgeous husband, and have just finished a degree, and recently turned 30. I'm now working towards starting my own business, and have noticed since achieving these life changing goals over the last two years, I have become far more aware of my mortality than I previously was in my crazy 20's where partying, alcohol, and boys were my priority. I want to be around to watch my children/grand children etc, and tackling my weight issues is a huge step to achieving this.

I do have a coupe of questions to ask;

I have a huge tea addiction. If I continued to drink tea with mik, will this completely fail the diet?

Is there anything I can eat to satisfy my occasional need for a sweet fix? I don't have a huge sweet tooth, but every now and then I do.

I look forward to getting to know people on here.

Tar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx :)
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Hello and welcome ... Good to have you on here! :)

It's all about counting carbs and milk is carby... In the induction phase at least try and get all your carbs from salad and veg... So try tea with watered down cream - some folk on here do that or have it black..

There's a few ideas for the sweet cravings... Whipped cream with cocoa powder and Splenda is yummy - or mixed with cream cheese... Also sugar free jelly and cream is also a favourite (mine for one) although during induction try and stay away from processed/packets/stuff with Es and additives as some can stall weight loss...

I hope you enjoy this WOE and post often! :)


This is for life
Welcome spolly - i hope you find atkins as great as i have as a way of eating instead of a diet. I'm a belly dancer too - great toning! and one day I plan to wear one of those really skimpy outfits at a hafla.......:D
Ah cheers Kat1e. You have done amazingly well. I really hope it works for me, i'm getting fed up of starting really well, then just dropping off diets and gaining weight again.
Yeah I love belly dancing. Just started it for a laugh with some friends, but I find it really works. I injured my back quite bad last year and was off work for quite a few months, ending up having a little op on it. I find the belly dancing has really helped to strengthen it up.

So today I had a 2 egg omelette with cheese, ham and mushroom for brekkie, Lunch was a steak and salad with mayo and tea a chicken and bacon Caeser salad (minus crutons).
I'm using myfitnesspal to track my carbs as i find it easier than trying to work it out myself, and it days i've used 9g carbs today.

One question; I know the limit is 20g carbs, but do you have to try and use your limit like when you calorie count? Or is it ok to not use the whole 20g??

Morning Tar

You've started off really well! I'd say try and increase your carbs to closer to 20g a day with additional salad and veg... Some on here go by the old Atkins book which is far more restrictive - like Jim - but recent recommendations are to have a little more in your diet.

Hope you have a good day :)
Cheers Alpaca, i'll do that. oh, my name is Anna, I signed off Tar as in thank you! Apologies if I confused you!! ;)

So todays Menu was as follows;

Brekkie - 3 Scrambled eggsand a slice of ham.

Lunch - Caesar salad (left over ingredients from last nights tea that i left in the fridge at work)

Tea - Pork loins, Baby greens and broccoli.... I had 2 pork steaks as I was starving, I felt so naughty doing it.... Still not used to the Atkins ethos!!!

I had some celery and cream cheese as a snack in the evening.

I heard that you can eat Pork scratchings..... Is this true?? I LOVE them, but haven't eaten them in years for fear of FAT!!!

Also, does anyone have any advice please?? I'm out for a meal tomorrow, but just found out that we're going to an indian resturant. Does anyone have any suggestions what to order so I don't break the diet. I'm obviously going to avoid the rice/breads/potato options.

Starting to feel really good today, and my stomach feels far less bloated than previously!!!! :) :) :)

Morning Anna... I'm a bit of a dingle bat - I should have realised it wasn't your name! Lol

Anyway... Yes to pork scratchings and I usually have chicken tikka with a bit of salad when I go to an Indian...

Atkins says eat til comfortable/satisfied ... ie don't over do it... That's what I've found hard as I don't always feel satisfied soon enough! Lol

Hope you enjoy the Indian :)
Morning Anna, I found your diary. I always thought the 20 Carbs bit was more to make sure you got plenty of green leaf healthy veggies in. As for Milk. I drink my tea and coffee black since i started Atkins.
Great, thanks Jim. I like black coffee, but do struggle with tea. I'm getting there, and have cut down on the tea from about 20 cups a day (i love it!!) and now I have about 4. You have done amazingly well BTW, well done on your loss!!

Feeling good today, went on the scales this morning and i've lost 7lbs in my first week. :D :D :D :D So happy with this, and really feeling full of energy and positive about this diet.
I've been working loads so haven't been to the gym in over a week, but i've set aside time this week for 2 gym sessions and my belly dancing class tomorrow night.
Morning Anna, well done on that 7lbs, it feels good doesn't it love. Thanks, yes, i was lucky and managed to stick with it through thick and thin. I see you live in Guernsey, lucky you :)


This is for life
Well done spolly - that's a great loss:D
I see you live in Guernsey, lucky you :)
Yeah, I count myself very lucky to live on such a gorgeous little rock. I'm originally from Cambridgeshire, but came over to work here as a nanny, met my husband and never left!! :) We have a little boy and it is a perfect place to raise children.
Morning Spolly... Wow - great first week loss! :)


This is for life
Evening Spolly:). How's it going?

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