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Started SW start of last week and have developed a number of spots.

Nowhere near 'That' time of the month, haven't changed skin care routine and if anything have been drinking more water and eating lots of fruit and veg.

I did have lots of junk over Christmas / New Year so is it possible that my body has just had a bit of a shock at the change in habits?

Ann-Marie x
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It's probably the shock... give it 4 weeks and if your skin is still bad with the way you are eating then try a change in your skincare... maybe??

Other than that, I can't give you any other advice!

I hope it clears up soon :D


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Its toxins coming out of your skin, from all the fresh fruit/veg and water washing them away, they have to escape some how ...they will clear soon :flowers:


The new health regime is just detoxing your body, all the toxins are rising to the surface of your skin.. it's a good thing!

Try steaming your face for ten minutes everyday, and then cleansing, the spots will be gone in no time and your face with be fresher and brighter than ever!


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mines cleared completeli in 2 weeks :) all i drink is water :) x


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I've had terrible problems with my skin over the years. Was initially recommended for roaccutane as a teen, but was put on the pill (dianette) first as a precaution. Dianette seemed to clear the skin by itself. Unfortunately, when I came off Dianette 4 years later, my hormones were all over the place and my hair fell out. Yes, my hair fell out! One side effect no one warned me of.

I'm actually back on Diane-35 now as my skin just won't seem to stay clear without it, but I've tried a few products over the years that I can wholeheartedly recommend -

Acne Getaway Formula 101E - this is a chinese herbal remedy and I found it on ebay. It comes in a wee pink bottle and it's very reasonably priced. The best part? It actually works. I had a terrible bout of cystic acne while off the pill and it cleared the cysts within a fortnight.

Garnier clean & fresh invigorating toner. Really seems to help the skin.

And for a big treat - Estee Lauder's Micro-D deep thermal refinisher. Absolutely brilliant warming skin scrub, leaves your face radiant and spots much reduced.

Hope some of this helps - I know how awful bad skin can be!

Scarlet Daisy

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I agree with the people who say your body is ridding itself of toxins. I felt horrible after starting my diet, I seemed to get thrush too and I went a bit spotty (for me). I was eating SO healthily but I got very low.

Then it all seemed to get balanced, plus I found my high blood-pressure improving steadily and I got very energetic! Yay! Now I love eating healthily and my skin looks good.

(I had my gallbladder out 11 days ago and in the middle of recovering developed an abcess under my wisdom tooth...So at the moment I feel like cr*p, but that isn't the diet.)