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...we're sinking deeper.
What's wrong with it?
I find my skin is very dry when I'm LL, so it's normal that some change will be noticable.. Don't worry too much about it, if anything ask your LLC about it. ^_^
it seems just more blemished and 'bumpy' - not dry.
its nothing horrendous, ive not got big spots or anything just not what expected!
daisy x
no don't think so - did wonder if it could it be my body sort of de-toxing? - but have been on LL 7 weeks so thought it might have happened before now
daisy x

Hi Daisy
I suspect it may be insufficient water. I found I had to drink the old 4litres daily to get the best results all round including skin, hair, going to the loo as well as weight loss.

Otherwise, probably hormones I'd say. xx
i drink about 2.5 water a day plus 2 shakes (approx 750mls) and 3 cups of tea - (approx 750mls) so about 4l

do you reckon this is enough SB?
daisy x
Old rules

Hi Daisy
Officially by the new rules it is enough, but when BL and I started a year ago it was 4litres of water PLUS all your shakes,
which is quite a difference.
When they reduced the minimum water amount I tried it for a week and a half . The weight loss slowed dramatically, my hair skin and nails all suffered and I felt dizzy. So I went back to the old routine for the rest of the time and I was fine all the way through. Whatever suits you best. I would try and up the water a bit. The flavourings help and I drink warm water too. If it doesn't help you can always reduce it again.Also in the winter we spend m,ore time indoors in dry heated atmosphere which is de-hydrating, so makes sense to need more water.
Hope that helps Daisy. xxx
Just thought

Do you have 2 bars and 2 shakes a day then? I've never used the bars myself.
hi sb
- i forgot my soup! i have 2 shakes, 1 soup and 1 bar a day.
i will try and up the water a little, will be easier once the weather starts getting warmer i reckon.
daisy x
My skins really dry and quite spotty at the mo was wondering if I was drinking enough water and have realised I'm probably not so will up it over the next few days and see how I feel :) xXx
Hi. Not sure if mine is the same but for thelast few weeks i have been getting spots at the top of my chest- itchy sometimes and the skin across that area and the tops of my arms feels rough and like i have a rash. I thought it might be hives like some of the others had caused by the shakes (though i have mainly soups)

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