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Spotty's Road to Slimdom


Determined to succeed!
Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. I have been hovering around Minimins for years under another login - annaphylactic... did Lighter Life for five months and lost five stone, but have put 1.5 stone back on since I stopped in Jan 2009. Not horrendous, but not ideal!

Since then I have experimented with the works... Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Tony Ferguson, Diet Chef, good old fashioned calorie counting... but nothing seems to work for me. I am definitely an all or nothing girl, I love the feeling being in ketosis gives me and I believe and trust that it WILL work if I stick to it and don't sneak any naughties that will knock me out of the zone.

I have been eating low carb in the evenings for the last few days anyway, but today I have decided to start doing it properly again. I did Atkins about 10 years ago and managed to lose about 3.5 stone, so I know it works - so fingers crossed it will work again for me this time.

I have two reasons for wanting to lose weight - the first is for personal reasons, like anyone I want to be slimmer, healthier, wear nicer clothes, feel sexier etc etc.... but also for medical reasons. I have suffered with a bad back for the last year or so and have just found out (two days ago) that I have two worn out discs, two disc bulges pressing on my nerve and arthritis in my facet joints on either side. Boo hiss.... I am only 29 so it's all a bit crappy.

The surgeon I met with seemed to think part of the reason for this was being so overweight for a while (I was nearly 17 stone before I started LL), smoking up until Jan this year, and also genes. Damn genes.

Anyway - he has told me that losing weight it one of the priorities to help my symptoms (pain etc). Exercise is tricky because of aggravating it, so I have been trying to figure out the best way of eating to strip some fat.

So here I am - having sipped on my black coffee with splenda, munched on a three egg/2 rashers of bacon/half a tomato omelette for breakfast and chewing on slices of beef and pork... quite excited about what is to come. Wish me luck! :)

SD x
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Hi SpottyDoris! Don't know if you remember me from Exante? All the best with Atkins - you know it makes sense! :D xx

My new profile pic doesn't look so much like me anymore ;)


Clean green leafy machine
Welcome Spotty, you know the ropes so good luck - but ask anyway if there's anything you've forgotten :D


Determined to succeed!
Wow, lucy4loop you've really changed! ;) How are you doing? Obvs moved over from VLCDs too, is Atkins working out for ya?

Everyone else... thanks for the warm welcome and yes, I'm gonna do it this time. We all are! :) There are probs things I've forgotten, been yonks and all my books (diet revolution, Atkins cookbooks etc) are packed away in storage til I move in November, so may well ask a few questions. Jim's sticky post was really handy as a starter :)

So, today I've eaten like a piglet, but think I've done ok. Want to get into ketosis nice and quick so really stocking up with protein to give it a boost... does it work that way?

B: 3 egg omelette made with 2 rashers smoked bacon + half sliced tomato

M: black coffee + 2 Splenda sweeteners

L: 4 slices Tesco roast beef, 16 seafood sticks, Tesco tuna nicoise (minus viniagrette and potatos)

A: sugarfree jelly pot + anchor extra thick squirty cream

A: coffee + squirty cream + sweeteners

D: ribeye steak, mushrooms (cooked in butter), asparagus, cauliflower and cheese sauce (cream & grated.mature cheddar)

How does that look?

It's a lot I know, I'll def cut back once I'm in K and the hunger goes...

SD xx
Wow, lucy4loop you've really changed! ;) How are you doing? Obvs moved over from VLCDs too, is Atkins working out for ya?

Morning Doris. Yes, I'm enjoying Atkins very much! I can't say I haven't had slip-ups, coz I have, but they aren't huge and I'm getting better at drawing a line under them! My weight is definitely going down and I can see me keeping this way of eating long-term. This forum is a god-send, easily the most friendly I've been on, very positive and full of information and great recipes :) Your menu from yesterday looked good! Enjoy :D x
Welcome Spotty... Good luck with Atkins... And yes this place is great - so warm and friendly! :)


Determined to succeed!
Thanks Lucy and Alpaca! Yeah, this forum looks brill. Had a dig through the recipes section earlier, a few yummy ones to try out for sure!

Not sure I'm brave enough to attempt a MiM yet though, look a bit scary!

Just had some brekkie... smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (3) made with a tiny splash of cream.

Facing first challenge today as a friend is taking me out for lunch. Shouldn't be too bad though... if I've managed it on diets like WW, this should be a walk in the park!

Hope everyone has a brill Saturday.

SD xx


Clean green leafy machine
Have a lovely lunch! Stick to protein and salad and you'll be laughing :)


Determined to succeed!
Hey Dietkitty! I remember you! How are things? Still Exante-ing?

Just got back from lunch out, had surf n' turf with salad. Seriously yummy!

Had a bit of an upset tum since though... I'm a couple of days in, is this normal?

SD xx


Clean green leafy machine
Could be, drink a load of water and see how you get on...


Determined to succeed!
Ah bum. Lost the plot a bit today. Bum bum bum.

Was very good at brekkie, had scrambled egg and smoked salmon. Then for lunch went to Nandos so I just had a salad with chicken... all good.

Then... THEN... I went to the cinema.

*Pause for effect*

I should have stuck to a diet coke but instead started convincing myself that ice cream wouldn't be "too" bad, so had a scoop of Ben and Jerrys mint choc chip. Bum.

Then dipped in to OH's pick n mix, having about half a dozen sweeties.

After this I improved, got home and had some cooked meat. Went out to a music festival and had a diet coke and burger (on own, no bun or sauce)... but just got in, house empty of non carb food so have just had a handful of my OH's giant chocolate buttons.

Bum bum BUM.

Anyway, will get back in gear. This always happens just when I am about to go into ketosis - I feel ick, have terrible bad stomach, get a bit headachy and then I blow it and set myself back!

Tomorrow is a new day and I take solace in the fact I didn't eat much badness in the greater scheme of things. Didn't help that I didn't eat dinner... hunger sends me into a craving zone.

Hope u all had a better one xx
Mornin Spotty... As Lucy says start afresh and you'll soon be in ketosis :/)
Morning SD, ah well, not a good move, clean and green today, oh and by the way, those seafood sticks are very carby I'm afraid


Clean green leafy machine
Morning Spotty - that's the trap, I'm afraid, love, "just a little bit won't hurt" does hurt :(

But as the others say, just draw a line under it and get back to clean and green and get lots of water down you, and you'll soon be back in ketosis :)


Determined to succeed!
Thanks all, just a brief slip up. Not sure I ever got into ketosis... my weight had already dropped about 4lbs after two days though! (Massive upset tum probs contributed! No illusions!)

Back on it today. All going good. Just had some chicken thighs, and looking forward to roast beef, Mediterranean Veg, mushroom/cream/pepper sauce, broccoli later.

Just boiling up some hard boiled eggs to snack on with full fat mayo. I will get into ketosis dammit! I was an eejit last night. I am such a silly self sabotager. Gotta break that cycle of breaking my cycles!

SD xx
It's so easy to self sabotage though! But keep focus and you'll crack it! :)

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