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Spring into Summer


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I have decided this is going to be my new home.

I have 3 stone to loose, and as spring is about 3 months long my aim is to have got to target by (or early into) summer.

I am feeling extremely positive and I hope some of you will help me along the way to my final destination.

I would really appreciate it if you could either join me on my thread or pop in from time to time to give me some much needed support.

I have my first meeting with my new group tonight, where I will get my new official weight!! But I have started the packs today.

Here's to a slimmer summer!! :flirt2:
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Is back in the saddle!
You Go Melz!!! I'm sure you will do it.

The few days of sunshine we've just had and the spring flowers finally coming out sure make youu think of skimpy tops and summer dresses!!!


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Ok pete!!! Let's go. When are your weigh in's?


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Hi Mel

I have been bad since before xmas so started a 4 week refresher last week - first weih in tonight. Found it surpisingly ok
and feel very positive. I would love to lose 3 stone but know I would look really ill so I am going for 2.5 max. Hope you are feeling strong - you already look fantastic by the way - I'll update you later how I do.
We can do this together, you, me and Pete of course (who also looks fantastic by the way), I loved the support on here last time - it is a real boost during good and bad weeks.
Good luck for tonight
Milli x
Good luck to you too Milli! :)

My WI's are on Friday nights which is great as it gives me an excellent excuse to not be in the pub watching other's drink lol :p


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Thanks milli - I really do want go be healthy. A bonus of this is that I willnot be a big sweaty mess this summer because I refuse I have layers of clothes on!!

Pete - that handy for you. I have kids that do that for me lol
its going to be a really hot summer too according to the papers today - excellent incentive to be slimmer
good luck


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Know what you mean about the children keeping you in on a friday night mel!!
Although I cannot complain my oh and I went to old traffod yesterday (stayed in manchester saturday night) and watched our beloved liverpool play pretty miserably!!
Great atmosphere though.
Well I had my first weigh in tonight and lost 9.2 do not forget the .2!!
That makes me feel so up for this week.
And the hot summer ahead ( we will hold you to that Daisy:rolleyes:)
Hope you all have a great week,
Milli x
Just been given another incentive to stick to the plan tonight as in August I am now going on a Stag Do/Holiday with my brother, his mates and my mate to go surfing for 5 days in Nequay, for which I will have to wear a wetsuit. EEK! That prospect scares the crap outta me right now, but 3-4 stone lighter and it won't be quite so daunting!

SO that's now summer starting in July, surfing/beach holiday in August and wedding in September. 3 awesome reasons to get back on track! :)
Great idea Melarnz - am same as you, really hoping this summer I will be carefree in skimpy summer outfits.
I want to lose 2.5 stone so nearly the same as you. Am on LLL so will take about 3 months!

I can't wait - feel excited about looking good and meeting up with old friends at annual BBQ's looking and feeling fantastic.

Good luck to everyone here who is also going for it:cool:


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It was my 1st WI last night with my new group. What a great bunch of people. It was so much nicer being amongst a group a women rather than just 1 or 2.

I am ignoring my weight gain. It was what I expected. I am looking forward to ketosis and next weeks weight loss.

Pete - if u lose another 3 stone by august, you will look BUFF in your wetsuit!! You will just have to concentrate on staying upright.

I also have a wedding to go to in June. My little girls are bridemaids, so I don't want to be the embaressing fat mum. I think I could lose 2 stone by then. I will be great going dress shopping for a wedding. I've only ever worn suits to weddings before.

Hope everyone has a great week.


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I've just thought. I'm going to have to learn to fake tan lol. I've never done it before as I tend to cover up. Either that or I thought It didn't matter cos I was fat, so tan wouldn't help.

Im gonna love it if is a hot summer daisy!! I hope u aren't teasing! Good luck to all you summer slimmers. I hope we all do it together xxxx


I will do this!
what a lovely, motivating thread. I have reached my goal weight loss wise and am in RTM - enjoying it but also find it very scary. My goal for the summer is to still fit into my size 12/14 clothes and feel sexy! What a wonderful diet this is, changes lives and gives us confidence some of us have never experienced. Good luck all, you can do it! x
I'm similar to Gemma in that I'm aiming to maintain for my first slim(mer) summer in many years.
Good luck to all those in abstinence - I know you'll do well as you have done it before and all seem to have got yourheads round it again which is fantastic.


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Yay - day 2 over with. Im off to bed to dream about what sort of skimpy dress im going to wear to my sis in laws wedding!


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Gem and looby - Well done you guys!! it must feel great to have achieved your goal (well the 1st one of getting there anyway!!) i hear maintaining is a lot harder!


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Oohh I'm hungry!! I am counting down the minutes until my 1st shake at 1030. I should be busy working, but my stomach is too loud lol
Yay - day 2 over with. Im off to bed to dream about what sort of skimpy dress im going to wear to my sis in laws wedding!
How about you pick a dress out and it can be your motivational goal :)

Plus you can then show us all a picture of it and we can ooh and ahh at how pretty it is :)


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Belle that is a great idea.....I will get straight onto that!!

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