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Springergirls Diary

Ok then, I'll give this a try. Will type down everything I eat or drink.

If I get the syn values wrong at all please feel free to let me know!

2 weetabix, skimmed milk, low cal sweetner - a & b

2 cans of diet red bull - free

2 mugs of black coffee - free

750ml sugar free apple & blackcurrant cordial (very weak) - free


WW danish bread bread x 2 - 4syns
2 poached egg - free
can't believe its not butter, scrape on scrape off - 2?
Muller yoghurt cranberry & Raspberry
Medium banana - free

60g dry medium egg noodles - free
onion - free
fry light- free
chicken breast - HEA
Soy sauce - free
shredded carrott - free

had a hiccup already and bought 2 bottles of Jaques cider but I am celebrating as been out of work since july 09 and got call today that I have got a job. Only a p/t one and not very exciting but it is term time....whoop whoop
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Got up too late for that - damn alarm

4 x coffee with s/s milk - A
1 litre very diluted apples & blackcurrant juice

Princes Chopped toms - free
bacon bacon - free
fry light - free
2 Richmond Sausage - 6 syns
Muler light cherry yoghurt - free

chicken breast - free
Lean ham - free
28g philly sweet chilli - think A
ryvita x 4 - B
fry light - free
paprika - free
garlic - free
banana - free
carrott - free
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Breakfast - whoops forgot

Lunch -
Heinz spaggetti hoops 200g - free
1 quorn sausage - free
2x400g ww wholemeal bread - B
Muller Light rasp and cranberry yoghurt

1 can diet energy drink
2 coffees (made with s/s milk from A)

quorn mince
2/5 of Dolmino light sauce - 2 syns

Walkers chesse and onion crisps - 6.5 syns
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Coffee black

back bacon
quorn sausage
2-400 wholemeal bread - B
tinned tomatoes

whoops been off plan for a while now and not writing/typing what I have eaten! This always happens when I have lost a few pounds but then it always come back.

So here goes, starting again today!

2 x coffee (HEA for milk)
1 Tesco low fat yoghurt - free

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