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squeezing lemon juice over salad....


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No, I wouldn't. It's only a little bit of juice so I am sure it's just fine as free.
I have always done it and never even thought to syn it.


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ah ha! Now that is good news! thanks guys! I'm on a red day today and was having lunch on the run so grabbed some prawns from m & S! My god they were good! After work I'm going to get some more, plus some smoked salmon and make a salad! Now I know I can squeeze some juice on I'm excited! been in a bit of a food rut of late so this is a nice change for me!!!! xxxx


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ha ha! yes they are a bit like that, aren't they!! i love it when I rediscover a food like that! :eek:
have great weekend guys xxxx
Even better - it's superfree!!

The juice and rind of lemons AND limes are superfree; they are also HH and SS!!

I put a squeeze of lime juice over fish when I cook it in the microwave.

I am a bit lazy and buy the squeezy lemon and lime bottles from Waitrose - I saw Nigella using them on her television programme and if it's good enough for Nigella it is certainly good enough for me!!


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Sainsburys have the smoked salmon packs on for 1/2 price at the mo

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