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sruggle with h-extras

on a green day i usually have milk and cheese for my a choices and i alternate my b choices. I have one sort of meat and then either bread, pagen crisprolls or alpen light bars for the other.


Big, busty and Blowsy!
I am pretty boring with my hex's as I always have milk (i'm addicted to milky coffee!)
And usually use 1 B on bread, tho' I do try to vary the other 1.
I will have tinned soup, stewed fruit (good for those "bunged-up" moments!) Hi-fi bars or pots/peas/parsnips
I only have milk as my HEA but I have no problems with my HEBs. I usually have bite size shreddies for breakfast or two slices of toast. Then on a red day I'll have potato with my dinner or on a green day I'll have meat or fish with my lunch. If I do have a spare HEB, then I'll either have some mixed nuts or a cereal bar.
I sometimes use my B choice for olive oil and make a 'proper' salad dressing with balsamic vinegar and herbs, etc. Makes my lettuce much more tasty!!!

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