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ss+ and 810?? Help anyone?

Well I am back on CD this week and am doing ok but everyday I have usually had some chicken. I tend to need something at lunch at work to steer me away from caving into sandwiches and chocolate!

I tend to have about 100g of chicken either sliced or wafer thin. Its usually about 120 cals and about 0.2g of carbs.

My weight is still going down on the scales each day (sorry am a compulsive weigher!!) and I def feel better. Just wondered if this is ok and whether it fulls into one of the above categories? Havent tested for ketosis yet, was going to tonight. It shouldnt effect this shoul it?

Does anyone else do this?
Any help appreciated.
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On 810 you're allowed 175g of chicken breast without skin, so what you're having is fine, you should maybe have a little bit of green salad with it too to get some veggies into you. But shouldn't effect ketosis at all and as long as the scales are still moving that's the main thing.

Good luck! x
SS+ is 120g of chicken, so it's almost SS+.

Add veg or salad, as Hanloje said, and that's SS+ :D
Though proper meat is better than wafer thin type stuff as it can be a lot of water in it, and salt which can make you retain water.

Chicken breast is much better if you can. :)



please try again
if your having it at work grill it at home, slice it up, put it in a tupperware and take with
if your having it at work grill it at home, slice it up, put it in a tupperware and take with
That's a good idea :)

Much cheaper than what I did, which was buy it pre cooked :p

Or, if you leave your meal until you get home, I used to love chicken and veg skewers :D particularly chicken and mushroom :)

I agree if Im off out somewhere u pre cook it and pop it in the tub, its great to nibble on and you know its carb free. Although 0.2 of carbs wont hurt its a healthier option to have fresh chicken :)

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