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ss+ Are we allowed vinegar?



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Hi Zoe - I'm on SS+ and was happily having lemon juice on my fish until my CDC said it was a strict no-no. However a recent post (from moderator KD if I remember correct) said it was ok to have pickled cabbage, so I'm assuming vinegar would be okay. No definitive answer I'm afraid.......regards Traceyx
Thanks Tracey, like you say if picked cabbage is ok then maybe vinegar is a maybe. Iv'e always wondered if we are allowed pickled beetroot.


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beetroot isnt allowed i dont think.....
Balsamic vinger is ok in V small doses and if you can buy as expensive as possible as the cheaper stuff contains a lot of sugar which can effect the scales! Explains why i only lost 2lb on my 810 week.....i could drink the stuff!!! lol
I used a little table vinegar...but only a little for flavour and then added loads of pepper!
hi guys,

i went on sainsburys website to look at carbs in balsamic vinegar and as lizz says some types are low in carbs and some are really high!
'carlo magno' has 12.5g carb per 100ml with 54 cals and 0 fat,
'sainsburys own' has no info and 'sainsburys own organic' brand has 26.3g carb per 100ml, 25g of which is sugar!

as for normal vinegar, on the daily plate website it states that a tbl spoon of heinz vinegar has no cals and no carb, and no citric acid which is the one you have to watch for.

jared pickeled beetroot is sweetened unfortunately and so the carbs are high.


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Normal vinegar is fine. Not the cider vinegar or stuff like that.

Balsamic is a bit of a grey area. Evidently the cheaper ones tend to be better as they have less sugar. Check the bottle.

Beetroot is a nono...without a doubt.

Pickled cabbage is fine and mentioned in the book :)

Do be careful when picking extras up. Sometimes things are no to low carb, cal, blah blah, but can still cause problems. Not usually, but it's possible.

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