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SS+ cookery question - help me please


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My friends are having a bbq on Saturday and have asked what I can eat so they can prepare things for me.
I told them I would bring stuff.
My idea was to make kebabs on wooden sticks which can just go on the bbq. I thought of little bits of chicken with mushrooms.
My question is (I am crap at cooking)... How small will I have to cut the pieces of chicken so that they will have time to cook without the mushrooms burning?

... or does anyone have any other easy ideas for things to sling on a bbq?

I really am so hopeless at cooking - I need idiot instructions.
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Can you not cook them first, then your friend could just throw them on to warm them up for you.

Hope you have a great night.


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I'm another culinary fool so hopefully someone will come along that knows, but sounds like a lovely menu for CD follower. We are so not having the weather for BBQ's in UK! x
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I would normally cut the mushrooms (average size white closed cup) in half, put courgette sliced into circles about 1 inch thick, then halved on aswell. As for the chicken, i either leave it in chunks, about the same size as the mushroom, or slice into strips as if you were doing a stirfry. Marinade for a bit in spices. I love the shwartz (no added salt) season all or chicken seasoning. Sometimes use tandoori powder- sometimes add lemon juice too. Thread onto skewer. If done the strips you need to fold the strips back and forth onto the skewer. (does cook a bit quicker like this) Grill for about 10 mins, turning every few mins. Serve with drizzle of balsamic glaze. Asda do one for £1 which is just as delicious as my £7 bottle.... yum. Enjoy your day out. xx
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Oh, and if using wooden skewers, its good idea to soak them in water first to stop them burning. Or invest in some cheap metal ones, much easier. xx
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Or a fish steak, wrapped in foil with bit of seasoning and lemon juice. Just pop on BBQ for 10 mins with a few spinach leaves put on top to steam? (never tried this but sounds nice) Oooh, i'm in a food mood now... King prawns on skewer with bit of chilli dressing and take your own salad leaves.


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
Butterfly you are such a star!
Soak the wooden sticks - ok will do. Thank you!
I hadn't thought of putting courgette on - I think I shall get one! ok I can deal with chopping chicken to the same size as the mushroom.
Marinades and seasonings... hmm I am in Spain and they don't have all the ready made stuff which is available UK so not quite sure what to do about that.
Can I roll the chicken in curry powder or something? or will that be too much?
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Curry powder will be fine. Once it cooks the heat reduces so don't worry if it looks too much. You can just have it plain, but i think that gets a bit boring. Should imagine you can get hold of herbs, anything chopped and rubbed in will make a bit of difference. Dried bay leaves threaded on the skewer give a nice hint (just don't eat them...eughh!)
I'm so jealous, just imagine when you move up the plans, all that lovely fresh mediterranean veg..mmmmm....not to mention temperatures higher than my fridge! xx


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S: 160kg C: 147kg G: 100kg BMI: 47.9 Loss: 13kg(8.11%)
lol I got an image there of miniature people trying to have a bbq inside a fridge!
I do have herbs and things - just never quite sure what to do with them!
I shall try .... or maybe my friend's husband who will be doing the actual cooking will supervise what I do... lol I really need to learn to cook. When I finish CD I am going to learn!

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