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ss day one


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Hi all, I finally bit the bullet and started cd ss today. Not sure if it's the right time coz i'm full of cold but never mind lol. So far it's not too bad, the choc mint and toffee and walnut shakes are nice but yuk to the spicy tomato one. Glugging back the water like it's going out of fashion too lol.

So proud of myself already coz a had a can of lager in my fridge tempting me which has just been poured down the sink. When does the constant thinking of food stop? I'm not hungry it's just that i know i can't eat so i'm thinking of it constantly. Oh and my scales say i've lost 1lb since this morning?? That can't be right surely??

I have 4 stone to lose and wondered if anyone would like to be my diet buddy?

Anyway i've looked through a few threads and can't believe how well you are all doing. Look forward to chatting to you all

Roz x
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Well done on day 1.
the food thing gets an awful lot better,but unfortuneatly not for some days yet.
We are all different but from personal expeience it got worse over a few days before getting better. There was one dreadful momnet when the corner of the kitchen table looked appetising.
My advise is to distract yourself during these moments. Havea bath, go for a walk, watch Telly, Come on line, read a book or mag etc.

Do come back & tell us how things are tomorrow!
Hi Roz,
I am on day 5 today and didn't think I could do it when I picked up my packs.
You just have to use sheer determination oin some days, biut it gets better, and when you're in ketosis you don't really get hungry... but can still crave food... it's the craving you will have to find ways to get past...
Good luck.... you can do it.... just read all the wonderful inspirational stories on here....


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Hi Ros,

I'm into week 5 and I still crave food. I will be your diet buddy if you like coz I struggle at times too. I've lost 19.75lb in a month and if I'm honest I'm NOT hungry, I just WANT food coz I'm a greedy sod.
GOOOOOOD LUCKKKKKKKKKKKK (your ID makes me want to eat haha!) All the best I hope you lose the weight quickly and easily and maintain forever ;-) xx
Hi Ros,

I'm into week 5 and I still crave food. I will be your diet buddy if you like coz I struggle at times too. I've lost 19.75lb in a month and if I'm honest I'm NOT hungry, I just WANT food coz I'm a greedy sod.
Ditto!!! x


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i think it gets easier!

i'm on day 5 of ss and i would say that today is the first day i have not really thought about food or really wanted a meal.

I tried to make a choc muffin last night with a choc shake which didnt really work but it was nice just to chew something for a change!

I've felt so tired since i started but seem to be feeling abit more energetic today which is great. Still getting dizzy spells but these seem to pass with extra water intake.

For me personally, I am finding it pretty difficult but i am hoping that my first weigh in on Tuesday will give me the motivation to go all the way to the end :)

Keep going everyone


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Thank you

Last night was horrible. I was so hungry I just went to bed and then woke up with hunger pangs. This morning is ok though and i'm so determined to do this. I haven't had a shake yet, I think i might wait until i really crave something and spread them out over the day. I don't usually eat til lunch time anyway and tend to pig out at night.

Roz x


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Stick at it rolo. You can do it.
I tend to leave my shakes until later. When I have shakes at regular meal times I tend to get cravings during the evenings.
Good luck.


A lot of people find the evenings are the hardest time of the day.

Try splitting your packs so yuo have 6 mini-meals.
Sounds a bit daft as theyare so small anyway,but it an make a big difference &certainly helped me during those first vital weeks. also I used to save 1/2 or less of a pack to make into a long warm drink to take up to bed with me. This was in the winter when it was cold, but may still help in the current rain. It also meant that I had the pleasure of a little treat to look foreward to after cooking feeding & clearing up after the family