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SS+ I'm gutted

I started on SS+ last week and hoped that this would kick-start my weightloss as I'm not been getting great losses recently. I met my new CDC (those of you who saw my post about my crappy CDC this week), who is really nice. She weighed me and it only showed a 1lb loss :cry: Ok, so it was the middle of the day and I dont usually weigh on til first thing tomorrow but only a lb loss!! :mad: Theres no way I'll reach my target now before my holiday :sigh::cry: Im really fed up!
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12lb by 14th October? Why not??? youve got 24 days, Id say thats doable hun. Pick yourself up shake yourself down and all hail to Cambridge!!!! Just as a thought....remember you've just changed CDC's....her scales may not weigh the same don't you think? xx
I came home and weighed myself on mine and mine showed a STS as last week!
Bet you any money you'll drop lots next week

Seen the same story by many on here changing from one plan to another and either sts or no loss or just a pound...then the week after OR after that a biggie..

Thing is you are SO close to goal your body is probably trying to work out how much to let go of!

Be proud on what you've acheived already!

My new CDC wants me to move up to 810 midweek. The idea is that I get used to food before my holiday then back on SS when I get back.
Hi Trueblueangel

dont be disheartened hon look at what you have acheived so far,also you still have time before hols to lose some more.
Goodluck and I'm sure you will be fine x
Water Water Water hon and More Water. It always works x
Stick with it. I've have had a terrible time these last few weeks and im not letting it stop me. I've set up the treadmill at work and will be using it 4 times a week for an hour a day. This weight is going to come off!! For the both of us!! You can do it!! x x
Hi TrueBlueAngel

I think there really are a few influential factors happening here - new scales, weighing yourself at a new time, smaller losses usually followed by a more pleasing loss.
As tough as it seems, you have achieved a loss this week but understandably you feel under a certain pressure because of the forthcoming holiday.
Don't feel disappointed and lose your motivation, as others have said, you have already achieved so much to make your Kenya trip truly memorable.
Good Luck!

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