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ss+ meal idea please?

Ohh... I've been playing around with these.

Omelettes are good.

Also soups... I buy skinless chicken on the bone, in a pot of water, 1/2 a stock cube and other seasonings to taste...( I just chuck in whatever taste I fancy at the time). And then, about 2 mins before the chicken is cooked, chuck in some chopped lettuce...

You can do the same with prawns and a different green veg.... I like long stem broccoli.

Also, I've done curried tofu in a pan, that's quite nice..... Can do curried chicken, curried prawns...

Quorn made me heave.

Erm.... Tonight I'm gonna have just grilled chicken with some asparagus.

I quite like just having boiled eggs too... I've always been a fan of the boiled egg... And u can dip the asparagus so you get 'soldiers'.... I'm such a baby with boiled eggs!

I haven't had any tuna this time, but I used to do a can of tuna in a pot with some veg... Peas usually and season to taste.

I hope that helps, just play around with a few bits. I also quite like cottage cheese and chop fresh chives and a bit of pepper in with celery to dip.
I used to hate fish and cottage cheese. It was CD that made me actually eat it out of choice in the end. It's very much about how you prepare it.

If I think of any others I've done I'll let you know.


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I have lots of omelettes. My favourites are mushroom or spinach and courgette :)

Also chicken breast seasoned with dry spices (make sure you check the salt content in the spices) and roasted veggies.

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Mushroom omlette, boiled eggs with rocket (balsamic vinegar dressing).
I was always put off by cottage cheese due to look/texture when doing other diets. To try it I sieved it and it was like soft cream cheese. I love it and now don't bother to sieve it. Jayne :D
yeah we can have vinger

been doing some searching and found a few ideas if anyone else needs inspiration
chicken with soup on
quorn bologneise
chicken cheese and mushrroms
chicken and veg
chicken curry
chicken burger
tuna burger
mushrooms stuffed with cottage cheese
tuna salad
stir fry

and this one i'm gonna try today hoping it works fish with cottage cheese and parsely and veg
Stuffed chicken breast
Warm chicken salad
Cauliflower Cheese
quorn burger and mushrooms (made with quorn mince)
crustless quiche
pancakes no flour

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