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SS on B-Days?


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Hi Opeyx,

Can I just say after doing LL/CD since Jan and sticking to it 100% including a weeks holiday all inclusive in June. I decided to break the diet for my birthday in Aug this year. How I wish I hadn't. From that day onwards I have messed about and my weight has gone up and down like a yoyo. That was the start of a very slippery slope for me and with hindsight I wouldn't have eaten....its just not worth it.

Happy Birthday to you....and good luck for whatever you decide :)
must admit did not ss on my birthday but i bet many have. happy birthday for when it comes . and remember u will have plenty more birthdays to celebrate, so does it really matter if u have shakes on your birthday instead of naughty stuff. xxxx
Haven't faced this challenge yet but if you can possibly stick with it do as I know from hearing other people's stories that when you break the diet it is so much harder to get back on it. Could you possibly treat yourself in some other way rather than eating?

Whatever you do have a lovely Birthday!

I had my birthday a couple of weeks ago and ss 100% on it, i felt fab knowing that I could choose to do that. I had a lovely day out with my hubby and little boy whereas if I had of gone for an all you can eat chinese buffet I would have felt bloated and miserable all day

Its your decision at the end of the day xx :D


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I had my birthday Last week and I decided to stick with tetras and bars throughout the day. The evening meal I treated as an AAMW meal..i.e. I had fish and salad....no sweet. I was very happy with that. Had 4 days away and came back with a 2 1/2lb loss..so well pleased with myself.
THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPLIES!!!! they have made me think wheather or not it will be worth it and im thinking not 16 sleeps roll on :)
My birthday was the 12th and it was my 13th day of SS. I decided on a chicken salad (no toms, onlions, crutons, dressing) and firstly it didnt have any taste, secondly it made me feel SO sick, and i havent stopped eating since.

Have a "birthday" after you reach goal xxx
My Birthday is coming up - well the 18th November!
Hubby's is first on the 6th - will SS for that and SS for mine....Jessica will be 2 on the 23rd November, she can have the party food, I want to SS that day as well!

Happy Birthday and whatever you decide to do, just enjoy the day!
Last week I had my sons 6th birthday, and then on Sunday it was mine! I ss'ed through both days no problem at all, I even cut the cake and served it out! I did have a sniff- and it smelled really sickly!!
I felt fantastic afterwards too, I proved to myself that a) I do have willpower and b) That I'm really starting to not see food as a "reward" anymore, and as a "fuel".
Ive been on the diet a month today, and looked at myself in the mirror today and thought " wow I can see a waist there again!"
No food is worth that feeling!! :)
Good Luck and have a fantastic Birthday! x
Atta Girl Moon Beam!!!!
Oops also forgot to say, in the past I would have used my birthday (or anybody's!) as an excuse to really overindulge and eat/drink everything in sight to the point of being ill!.

It's breaking that thought process of Birthday=oh yum cake and booze! I can have just one day off the diet etc, to; Birthday=Yay a brilliant day for me, with people I love ( food not even an issue).
You can do it :)


I will get to goal .....
Sounds like moonbeam has made some serious progress on the habit changing front .... seriously commendable hunni!!!


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I haven't had to face this either, but i think f i were to come off SS just for a day all be it birthday, party or whatever i think i'd have a very hard time getting back on it again. So if it was me i think i'd stay as i am and maybe the money i would have spent on a posh meal i'd go shopping with instead ;)


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Was jut wondering what you were all planning on doing over Christmas? You going to eat drink and be merry with everyone else, sticking to ss, going up to a diff plan??? I know its a way off but i'm starting to worry how i'm going to cope with it all. I know i'm only on my third day but to be honest i thought i would have quit by now!

Lil K

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Was jut wondering what you were all planning on doing over Christmas? You going to eat drink and be merry with everyone else, sticking to ss, going up to a diff plan??? I know its a way off but i'm starting to worry how i'm going to cope with it all. I know i'm only on my third day but to be honest i thought i would have quit by now!

I've been wondering about Xmas too. It just so happens that my AAMW falls xmas week. I've decided that this year I am not going to go to the usual xmas meal with my work colleagues, and intend to just have the tiniest bit of Xmas lunch. Don't really drink that much anyway, so that won't be too much of a problem.

I really don't want to undo my efforts so far, so I intend to continue to SS (or AAM) all other times. Then next xmas I'll be the slinky thing in the nice outfits when I go out partying :D
I'm glad you have brought Christmas up as I have been dreading the thought of it. I have already got 8 do's organised including Christmas Day/Boxing Day and New Years Eve and I am tempted to cancel everything apart from those three. I haven't really told anybody I am doing this diet and so I would find it really really hard to go out and not eat whilst everybody else is - what is the point. I know that probably ins't the right attitude but I am only nearly one month in and the thought of going back to socialising scares the hell out of me. I would be interested in the effect of alcohol on this diet as I know I will be drinking on New Years Eve will I be a really cheap date!?! Congratulations Rayven on reaching day 3 you won't stop the diet once you have your first weigh in it will only make you stronger!
have any of you considered working your way up the maintainace stages in the run up like the start of december do 790 after 2 weeks do 1000 and after go back to SS if you really want the family crimbo, and new years lunches x
and thanks for bringing this up i wasnt even thinking about crimbo yet x


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I've not had my Birthday while on SS but i have had my wedding anniversary and my sons birthday party (which i made all the food for) I stuck to it 100% and was really pleased i had done. I usually see occasions like that as i reason to pig out and it was good to know i could not eat/drink and still have a good time :)

I won't be eating at Christmas apart from i might have what i would have on AAM when everyone else sits down for dinner. It's really important for me to do this properly and i know it sounds silly but i just can't bring myself to cheat, losing this weight means more to me than a few roast potatoes and a bit of stuffing.

Enjoy your birthday whatever you decide to do :D

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