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SS or SS+??

I've just completed 11 weeks on SS, had 2 SS+ weeks in there as well, and today I feel like I'm wavering a bit, like I want to switch over to SS+.

I don't think it's that I'm actually hungry at the moment, I've taken out a tin of tuna and it's been on the worktop for a good hour, it's like I can't decide what to do! I feel bored but can't be arsed to do any of the things on my list of things to do when I've no work. Totally lacking any motivation whatsoever, and I think I've a touch of weltschmertz as well.

I just don't know what to do!! Any suggestions?
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Girl on a mission
if you feel you need to do ss+ to keep you on track then go for it. The losses between ss and ss+ are so similar that it wouldn't make a great deal of difference to your losses and if you feel you're not as happy on ss+ then you can always go back to ss:D your also coming up to your add meal week so maybe switch after that
Thanks all :)

As I've been recording my daily weight (July challenge), I just calculated that my weight loss in ss+ week was unchanged over the weeks I was ssing. Essentially, I lost just over 14lbs in July, having 1 ss+ week as well as a minor "cheat" (well, mostly just larger portions of the allowed chicken breast and cabbage). I really don't think my loss would have been greatly affected had I not done the ss+ week.

Yesterday I had some lovely fresh cod and this morning I was down a pound. So, as a change of pace I'll be ss+ing until next WI (9th August).


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good luck on your journey and choices CG ;) by the way the book about dieting you've bought, how do find it so far ? i'm intending on buying it too, was wondering if I should ?

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