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SS+ Question

Right, I am now doing SS+ and so far have only eaten chicken and fish, but had some quorn in the freezer and decided to try this tonight. Well the 200g I am allowed was soooooo much, I was really full and didn't know if I should eat it all or leave it because I was full (I ate it all), but had also made myself a mix a mousse (first one ever) for afterwards, so had to eat this too otherwise it would have been made for more than 15 minutes... so the questions are:-

1) Can I split the quorn into two meals and have one at lunch time and one at dinner time...

2) I made quite a bit of mixamousse too, so could I divide that into 2 and have half lunchtime and half dinner time even though that means that one of them would have been made for more than 15 minutes (it says you should drink your shakes within 15 minutes of making them because of the deterioration of the nutrients, but does this count for mixamousse too as it is kept in the fridge).

Thank you in advance....

Linda xx
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Im sure you need to eat the mix a mousse straight away but I think you can split the quorn. It wouldnt be any different than splitting the shakes like some people do. hope this helps. I love quorn mince and so do my kids, cant wait for the ss+week to share a meal with them.


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You can keep mixamousse made up for hours in the fridge - doesn't alter the nutrition values at all.

Opps forgot to say the 15 minute rule is because of the thickening agents in the shakes which can start to go a bit icky after 15 minutes rather than any deterioration in the nutritional value.


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Hey Linda..
I am doing ss+ too.. I just have my meal in the evening, but I am on anti bs and others have mentioned that I could split my meals and have some and lunch and some for dinner..
I havent done that but I am sure you can as you would have the same amount just at differnet times though..

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