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SS+ questions...

Have spoken to my counsellor about SS+. I think it will help me out a bit whenever I feel a bit of a blip coming on.
My counsellor told me you don't have to do SS+ every day and that you can just do it for the occassional day when you feel you need to , or you can do it full time in place of SS?
All I want to use it for is for those times when I feel myself wavering and would use a piece of chicken breast as my SS+ 'meal' as I've been told that as long as it doesn't exceed 200 cals, I will still be in ketosis and still lose weight.
I got some cooked chicken breasts from m+s which I intend to cut all the skin off and the top layer of meat then eat the rest. The whole fillet is 180 cals, so I figure by removing the fat I will also be removing a lot of cals anyway?
What do others think of this? good idea or bad?
Also, does SS+ have any effect on weight-loss? i.e slowing loss or making you stay the same?
Thanks in advance lovelies! :D
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Cambridge do recommend that you do it for a week at a time, so you could SS for week, and then SS+ for week, but that only (as far as I know) because doing it on odd days can cause hunger when you try to do SS the next day.

You need the list that's in the new book. No need to calorie count the 200cals. It's all listed there :) Keep to the portion sizes and enjoy :)

Weightloss is pretty much the same as SS and still ketogenic. Just some people prefer to SS as it's cheaper ;) Otherwise SS+ is a fab option and most of my clients chose that or 810. Wish it was around when I did it

Right, must get off now. Enjoy your chicken. No skin ;)
Losses will still be good on SS+. The main thing is to make sure that a little bit of food won't make you want more. So if you feel this may be the best way and you believe you can stick to it, then you have to do what you think is best for you.
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ive seen quite a few people on here with really good losses on ss+ jus depends what u prefer!
Thanks Guys! I hve just been eating a tiny bit of chicken whenever I feel BAD hunger pangs coming on. I'm trying to glug a bit more water first though before having anything to eat.
It's just nice to have that bit of something to eat to take away the hunger!
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hi style queen,

i am also thinking of doing SS+. did SS the first week okay but went way off track the middle of week 2. and it went downhill from there. i found mid afternoon and mid evening the hardest and although i dont want to eat a meal as i feel i need to gradually re-introduce food to my diet slowly to stop me over-eating, i would like to be able to have an extra hot shake or bowl of poridge in the evening to curb my nibbling habits. im going to ask my CDC about it when i see her in the morning. hope u do well on SS+ and will keep u updated on how i get on also.

Emz xx

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