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SS+ Slower Weight loss?

Hi Guys,

Started CD about a week ago, all I'm eating..I mean drinking, are shakes and soups. Im really craving some food though so I was wondering, does the Sole Source + plus plan make you loose weight slower and does it knock you out of ketosis?

Also if I do stick to the the three Cambridge Diet products a day would it be ok to cheat with a spoonfull of cottage cheese a day or would this again make me lose weight slower or knock me out of ketosis?

Is there anything you guys know that its ok to cheat with when on the only products diet?

Sorry for all the questions, I just wanna get this right :) thanx for all your help in advance :D
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Girl on a mission
SS+ has similar losses to ss so don't worry about that bit, depends what you call cheating chick, having a lil bit of cottage cheese, tuna or chicken to keep you on track wouldn't call that cheating BUT if you feel you need that lil bit of food every day, sole source + is defo the best route for you as adding lil bits to ss can lead to bigger and worse cheats:)


Full Member
As long as you can stick to the bit of cottage cheese or whatever, then that's ok. It's just a little less than SS+..

I have to have a little nibble every now and again, I have to say.. Will see what the scales say on Wednesday at my WI!

Great advice guys! I just need to focus on the bigger picture and keep in mind why I am trying to lose weight :) Thanx I will try and stay on track, but if I fall off all I have to do is get back on.


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Just get back on, as you say. But try not to fall off in the meantime.

My counsellor said today something really poignant:

If you feel hungry, but can't decide what you fancy, you're not really hungry.. If your body is actually craving something (think women eating coal when they're pregnant) then you may actually need something!

I was craving eggs a few days ago, and they're allowed on SS+, so I had a couple.

To be honest, if a little cottage cheese keeps you on the straight and narrow dont worry about it, the worry is when you eat and dont stop! ;)
I agree if you are really desperate to eat and you have some cottage cheese or maybe a small bit of chicken breast or white fish, no real harm will be done - so long as it really is a small amount!

If it stops you going off the rails totally then giving yourself this leeway could actually be a bonus! Can make the diet do-able for you and if so that is worthwhile. I lost three stones of my ten stone total on CD and I just HAD to have the odd bit of low carb food now and then.

I would try SS+ tho, or a mixture of SS and SS+. People here say losses are just about the same!


Reaching the goal
It's okay to cheat, I guess. You just have to burn it after. Lol.

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