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ss+ to 810 on CD


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Hi gals and guys.

Just wondered for those who have moved from ss+ to the 810 cas plan, at what time in the diet did you do it? Also what sort of loss are you getting?

Am on ss+ and will move up to 810 cals for a week before I go on hols in 5 weeks and will not be sticking with plan while there, but will be keen to get back on ss for a week, then ss+ and then back to the 810 cals. Just think that I would find the 810 cals easier.

Thanks. xxx
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Why don't you do the 810 as planned before you go on holiday and then while you're away do the 1500 plan. There's loads of choice on there and could be do-able away. Also you won't do any damage that way and at least maintain the weight you've shed so far. xxx


Excited about the new me!
Thanks Sunshine, although the 1500 plan prob doesn't involve cocktails does it? lol.. It's the hols of a life time, will be low carb and high protein, but will be drinking, so will come off plan and straight back onto ss when I return for the week. I intend to then go back onto the ss+ for the week after that then 810 and continue on that plan til I need to move up towards the end. It feels more do'able for me, long term as I do still have a long way to go. x

Sunshine Singer

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Ah right of course!!!! Cocktails abroad....you can't beat them!!! Mine is Pina Colada's all the way and usually way too many. I'm Irish what can i say!!!!!! lol x


I'll be moving up to 810 next week as have been on ss/ss+ for 12 weeks now.

Hopefully next week will be BMI 25, and maybe I could get to bang on 11 stone, and would have moved up to 810 then anyway.
hi Nikki, 810 for a couple of weeks is a good idea. iwont go directly into 1200 or 1500 for hols though. you have time to work up the plans. So you could gradually add the pans before hols and hope to stabilise or gain little. so why dont you go from 810 to 1000(which introduces carbs gently and will help you handle to alchohol) then 1200 for a week before holiday? I see so many people wnating to lose weight fast to be be skinny before holiday and then going straight into bingeing on drink. but this is really unhealthy. you should prepare thebody for the alcohol a least by introducing carbs 1 week before hols. When done gradually, you shouldnt see a gain, just a slight slow down. Be wise. You may see others posting here doing ss+ before hols and bingeing while away, coming home back to ss again, but this is not according to plan and may not work for you. Everyone is different. in the end its up to you but i suggest gradually add some carbs before hand. 810 is still a mild ketosis diet. good luck hun


Excited about the new me!
Thanks Denise, I'll ask my new CDC about that next Thursday and I'd rather only have a small gain rather then put on a stone because of drinking. Apart from last weekend when I was away, have not had a drink on this diet and not missed it either. But do want to enjoy Barbados and will come off plan whilst away, then go back on when return. But I'd rather do this sensibly, so thanks for your advice :) xx


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The holidays give us a little bit of challenge :D. I also want to do 810 until I go abroad in less then a month. And then hopefully not gain to much.

Can't help you with weight loss on 810 plan since I haven't been on it properly as you know :D.

Anyone else who can report on weight loss on the 810 plan?
Going from ss to 810, there will be slight slow down in loss, but you are still on a low calorie diet. After giving yourself time to adjust to 810, you will still lose! At this point you could step up the exercise a bit as you ahve more cals in the body for the energy. YOU WILL LOSE ON 810 and 1000 plans. again, allow time for body adjustment!


Excited about the new me!
Exercise Denise, is something that I miss, all the classes I used to do and so want to go back to, but on ss and ss+ minimal exercise is advised, so yes.. on 810, i can do a class and do the gym too, and maybe 2 classes on 1000 plan, as I'll have the energy to do it too. Do you get allowance for fruit on the 1000 cals plan? Thats what I miss xx

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