ss to balanced diet

Strongly recommend you do the maintenance properly cammie!!

Nothing to do with selling packs as you need less each week and can complete it within 4 weeks.

Please don't just go back to healthy eating as seen it done loads of times and then people come back!!

:) within 4

Reson my calculations, I'll be target by mid-end dec and I'm going to see hubby at end of Jan(lives abroad at the mo) and wanted to be eating normal, healthy food by then
You can do 790 for a week, 1000 for a week, 1200 for a week and then 1500 for a week (check out your yellow weight care booklet).

This will allow your glycogen stores to refill gently and you should continue to lose weight so as you put a few pounds of glycogen back on you will lose a few pounds of fat.

It also allows your system to get used to calories and carbs again and doesn't shock your system or upset your tummy.

Yep I always say you trust the diet to lose the weight so trust the diet through maintenance as well.

Sorry to hi-jack the thread - but can I just ask - is it okay to do it like this, not the two weeks on each step that Cambridge recommends?
The current advice I have from Cambridge is that a minimum of one week on each step but ideally as long as possible.

lol hardly!! I just sooooo like to make sure people do the diet right as I believe it is so much easier if you do.