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SS vs 790

Hey Domino,

I had a similar question the other day. Like you I just want to get it all of as quickly as possible, I too have 3-4 stone to loose (being a matter of what I look like when I get there.)

I quote from sim94 who was very helpful along with fuzzys_angel:

"You should be adding a meal in week 5 after SS for 4 weeks. Add a meal week can help boost weight if your weight loss has slowed down. It also helps you tackle your relationship with food.

Why is it recommended that people take ‘Sole Source’ for no more than four consecutive weeks?

This advice complies with the recommendations in the 1987 DHSS report by the Committee on the Medical Aspects of Food Policy (COMA) entitled ‘The Use of Very Low Calorie Diets in Obesity’: "As the Sole Source of nourishment, the use of VLCD should not exceed the period recommended by the manufacturers (up to 3 to 4 weeks at a time) without reverting to a normal mixture of foods". The above recommendation from COMA was not based on any research, but when the doctors who participated in Cambridge’s clinical trials were asked what was the maximum time they would recommend the diet be used sole source, without medical supervision, the consensus of opinion was four weeks. If you want to forego the ‘Add-a-meal’ week, you can only do so with your doctor’s written consent."​

From what I gather browsing the forum on SS you lose about 14lbs a month, and on 790 its 12lbs a month. I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong :)

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Thanks ArticMonkey ~ much appreciated.

What I was kinda trying to decide is whether to stick with SS (incl the AAM week) or to go the 790 plan route. But then yesterday I was having a really bad day and seeing as I've only been doing this a week I wondered if I had the staying power for SS.

Today however I've woken up and feel so much better, almost energised and really up for sticking with the SS plan (with AAM) for as long as it takes to reach my goal. :)


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Hi Domino.

I have only been on ss myself - however, my cdc advises that on ss you can expect to lose on average a stone a month and on 790plan up to 12lb a month. According to the CD literature you should still be in ketosis on the 790 plan and my cdc has a client on 790 plan that loses at the same rate as SS.

Pesonally I want to have the maximum possible weight loss each week so I am sticking to ss. It was my first aam last week which resulted in a nil loss for me that week but in the first 2 days of this week I lost 2lb.

I don't know if any of the above helps but though I would put my pennies worth in!

Take care and good luck!


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Hey Ruthlet thanks for responding ~ interesting to know that some can lose pretty much the same on 790 as SS. Like u I want to try and lose as much as possible in the quickest time possible and having had a much better day today, hope that I can stick it out on SS.

I was wondering about AAM week, from what i've read some find they don't lose any or much weight and some find it hard to go back on SS. Seems uve done ok returning to SS tho.


Wants to be a loser!
My last day of aam was friday.

I had a WI with my councellor on thursday night and had a nil loss - but when I weighed myself on saturday which is my actul "end of week" (in the morning, in the nude after a wee!!!!! Lets give ourselves a fighting chance!!!!) I had lost 2lbs.

While I have managed to get back onto ss without any hiccups (so far) I was mega-grumpy for most of the morning yesterday - but I don't think it helped that the weather was so flipping awful. Had it been nice outside I would have done some gardening or gone for a walk to distract myself. There was also the fact that there was also a big slab of home made Nigella chocolate and ginger cake on the kitchen counter!!!! So far Nigella's goods remain untouched by me and my OH has kindly put it in a container so it is not screaming in my face to eat it every time I go to the kitchen to top up my water :p

My councellor did say that different people get different results with aam weeks - some lose, some stay the same and she has even known some to gain - but those that stay the same or gain generally tend to have a good loss the week after.
These threads are dead useful :)

Domino what date did you start? Sounds like you started around the same time as me

All the best x

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