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St Clements Drink..

Is it ok with the flavourings to use them for all of your 4 litres of water? x
Yes tiffiny it is.

Gaz I know what you mean about the price I do use it an awful lot as it really helps me get the water down. I havnt heard of a substitute though. I find I am buying one every other week, but it makes me drink the water and my skin is lovely and have saved on expensive face cream:D

In case you dont know you can get Marigold Bouillon from most supermarkets to replace the savoury drinks, which I also use.
Fabulous news, i have no problem getting my water down when i use the st.clements powder!! xx
If you know someone on CD you could always get them to get some CD water flavouring for you. Its £6 so £3 cheaper and you need a lot less of it as its so much sweeter - tastes identical too. I use it in all 5 or 6 litres water I drink and a tub lasts me over 2 months - worth a try......

MM x
I always have to buy a tub a week - I used the Fruits of the Forest - love it.
I always have to buy a tub a week - I used the Fruits of the Forest - love it.
Do you? Do you flavour all your water? I try to make it last, as the 66 quid a week is about maxing our my budget...so only have it in 2 drinks in the evening. My days end reward!! Plus the occasional muffin and shake.
No I don't have it in them all - only ever have it at home ... but I do like it strong so have a heaped teaspoon full.
Your post made me laugh Katie. I only took the flavourings twice a day too, but I put so much in I went through a tub a week as well! No one in my group could believe it!!!
I've used up half a tub already, i buy a litre of water and make up a jug and put in the fridge. Thats my evening drink. Trouble is I like it with 2 spoons of water so it isn't lasting very long. Oh well , I'll have to cut down on it a bit.


Back to the grindstone!!
Yup, I was a plain old common or garden water drinker. The flavourings are ok but I found them a bit sickly after a while.
Bought a filter jug and now I go for the plain stuff. Cheaper too!!!!

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