stabilisation omg!!!


Gone, but who cares huh
:D im so excited, i had a chat with my cdc and she agreed i should start AAM today, i know myweigh in isnt till wednesdy but i will do the aam all the following week too, and then we will decide if i go upto 790, i had been feeling so very tired for some weeks now and she reassured me that although the vast majority of peolple get this amazing energy whilst in ketosis, some dont, and she told me she is the same as me very tired and very drained when in ketosis on ss.

i seem ok in the am, but after lunch it hits me suddenly and i am very tired, and as i am so very close to goal she feels it may well give me the psychological boost to help me through it,

Its quite terrifying but exciting too, im leaving the comfort of ss behind and although i have done a couple of add a meal days throughout at special events i have never done weeks,
so i have no idea what to expect.
Gillian - Congratulations!

You have done incredibly well and deserve to sit back and relax a little more... i know I know not exactly relaxing! lol
I know what you mean about ketosis, i think it's to do with the amount of carbs in your body and activity levels too.
I stopped running 3x a week so i could stick to atkins adn now CD as I find it draining to the point of having to sleep if i'm in ketosis and excercise excessively.

I'm sure the aam will help you feel more energetic.

I know you'll be at goal soon and hope that you cope with maintanence as well as you have SS.

Well done! :D
ooooo ive just realised what aam is lol

im always tired but i think its me age ;)

you've done brill gill so enjoy that little extra treat in the day

oooooo ann dreams of the day she can add a little chicken/salad into her life :)
WOO HOO !! that's brilliant news - well done and good luck :)
gillian, WELL DONE on reaching maintenance

I'm just coming to the end of my second week of AAM - move up to 790 tomorrow - know what you mean about feeling stuffed :D not quite sure how I'll manage with double the amount of fish or chicken lol

GOOD LUCK, you deserve to feel really chuffed