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I have just stalled on this diet thing - I have got to 11st 10 and just seem to have run out of oomph/will power/motivation whatever

I am having a shake for breakfast and trying to have salad for lunch but I have been doing alot of socialising and so have been eating and drinking in the evening

I am not putting any weight on - which is one good thing but I am not really losing any either

I have sort of talked myself in to just abandoning the diet for Xmas

Is anyone else having problems?:(
Hi Monty

I think lots of people are having problems at the moment. I think its to do with the time of year - Christmas festivities etc - and the dark gloomy days.

For me, I am trying to keep a lid on it all, damage limitation, and then get back to reining it in after Christmas. If you haven't put any weight on, and your head really isn't in the right place at the moment, then I would suggest continuing what you are doing, keep a tight lid on it, and knuckle down after Christmas.

You have done really well, and it would be a shame to lose total control now.

Hope this helps.
Hi Monty

I have stalled like you 2 or 3 times over my 5 month journey. Each time kinda treading water for a few weeks like you not putting on but not getting anywhere. Each time the time came where I could concentrate and get back to it 100% and then the weight started falling off again so it was OK for me but I do know that some find it extremely hard to get back. I'm sure after Xmas will be the perfect time to do this for you. You need to treat it like the first time and expect it to be hard. Meanwhile be as sensible as you can and try not to put on.

We will be here to encourage you to get back on track.

Dizzy x
I'm in the same 'groove' as you guys except you lot are at least managing not to gain ... I'm on the yo-yo train at the moment <sigh!>

I've got my 'sod-it' head on right now but have made an appointment with my CDC for Jan 8th where I will be in a better frame of mind (New Year and all that) to get right back into SSing. If I've regained a stone by then I'll consider myself lucky!! :)
I stalled at 11stone too, I think its a big hurdle to jump over when we haven't been in the 10's for many a year.

I echo what everyone has said, dont undo the good you have done, and if you cant get back on SS then look at the other plans, I have lost 4lbs having been on 790 and 1000 for 3 weeks now. Its worth looking at the plans to see what you can do over xmas if you struggle.

I think as long as you dont just give up then you;ll be fine x
Hay Minimins

9Days in and my scales don't seem to be moving i think i've only lost 6lb and i can lose that on WW (although after that it slows down) - did anyone else have problems in the first two weeks - i'm SSing and if I'm not losing fast what is the point in this i haven'tt eaten a thing for 9days now

Feeling the Pressure now -i want to be 8 and half stone now - and i'm 12st 13lb Errr

Thanks Girls i come on this forum everyday is the business

Nicola xxxx
hiya monty

you are at exactly the same place as i am diet/weight wise..i have stuck at 11'10...i could have wrote your post myself as im thinking the exact going to break over xmas then resume it in the new year when hopefully my oomph/motivation/willpower will have the meantime im just being sensible and having shakes/soups then a sensible meal and also sensible snacks...ive just had my first piece of fruit in 6 months and it was bloody lovey so hopefully im starting as i mean to go on!!

good luck with whatever u decide

Looks like there's going to be a big bunch of us taking another run at it after Christmas is over!!

Loking forward to seeing a 'New Year - New Start' thread in January! :D
Hi Debbie

You have me chuckling away at the idea of the 'sod it' head. Think I have several of those in varying degrees!