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Hey everyone, just need a bit of advice/opinion etc.

I started back on LL on Thursday just gone rather than waiting until the 5th Jnuary as my head is in the right place to knuckle down and get cracking. I've followed the plan and explained to my LLC the events that i have in as its too late to cancel the meals due to the short notice etc as i wasnt planning on being on LL before the 5th...now i have a feeling i can answer this myself, but i have a feeling the two meals, even though they were friday and saturday have stalled me for the week. i dont feel like i have lost anything despite sticking to plan....has anyone else encountered this? I am going to up my water again today, i've been getting about 3litres a day and hopefully by tomorrow night i will feel a difference when i weigh in. however if one meal is going to stall me all week, especially so early on, i am wondering if i would be better saving my money for now and just coming back on the 5th when all the booked in parties are finished! If that makes any sense?

What would you do in this situation? If i lose anythin by tomorrow then i'll completely stick as planned but I would sooner tag another week on the end than jeopardise the beginning with meals I cant get out of...eg afternoon tea at the berkeley! already paid for and £40!! so a lot to drop out of....
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I am like you - I didn't see the point in waiting until after Christmas either. But I have to say that i have been abstinent and will be on Christmas day as well.

I think you may find that as you don't have lots to lose, you will need to be quite strict. A smaller body needs fewer cals.

Maybe you should ask your LLC about doing LL lite for a couple of weeks before launching into the full version. That way you can have an evening meal - you might just need to modify it and forgo the dessert.

Look at it this way...you have already paid for your meals, but you are also paying for LL. You could waste the money spent on LL or you could waste the money spent on the meals. You are going to lose money either way and only one of those options is going to result in feeling more positive about yourself and get you closer to your goal.

I know it is a really hard time to be thinking about dieting - but you chose to start early for a reason and you should think about that before you decide to let it all go for the sake of a meal or two.

So I wouldn't chuck it all in just yet. Modify your plans where you can to stay within the diet and once you come out the other side of Christmas you will feel so much better and proud of yourself too.


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There have been a lot of times this week I have nearly chucked the towel in, not because the diet is hard, but because i am surrounded by chocolate, mince pies, Christmas parties, wine ( i think i have been given 3 bottles this week)...its harder saying no to that than staying on plan. I think lite sound sensible for the next week or so. I dont mind doing it full time, and doing it all week, its just whether as i have less to lose and have to be super strict, if having one or two meals which involve carbs will off set the entire week...ideally i want to stick on total, but i know these last two things i cant avoid. I am trying to get around the pot holes as best as possible, however its starting to get a bit tricky. Am weighing in tomorrow so i hope that i have lost something...i dont think i have though! Which would be WELL annoying! x


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Hi, I did a few weeks of lite and was able to lose on it but it was strict and no starchy carbs or sweets or anything made with flour, just portion controlled protein and veg/salad.
This week after my poor blood test results I had a bit of a rebellious weekend and had something savoury made with flour dough each day. I got back on plan for the last 3 days but I've ended up staying the same tonight... Could have been worse if I had just gone crazy and induldged like I normally would at xmas.
So I think sticking with it and going for my weighins will keep me from gaining over xmas and ensure I steer clear of all the sweet temptations in the tins that get passed around at the office. Its only 2 weeks to get through, then back to normal.
And the bottle of wine I was given today is going in the cupboard until this summer after I am at goal.


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You say you're worried you're not going to lose anything even though you've stuck to the plan...but you also say you've had two meals. So really, you've not stuck to it at all!
It's a tricky time of year to start, and for those who've been doing it for months it an sometimes be easier to get through chirstmas.
Either decicde to stick to the plan and do it all through christmas, or decide to start in january. Otherwise you're just throwing your money away at such an early stage in the plan.
If you want to stick to the plan and remain abstinent then you will. Nobody can force you to eat. There are always social occasions where you will need to abstain from food if you're following the plan. At Christmas there just happen to be more of them.
Either follow the plan as it's supposed to be and don't eat ANYTHING or start in January. Meeting half way at such an early stage in the programme just won't work.
All the best in your weight loss journey!


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hey roundrachel, this is very true...i am seeing the LLC tonight and picking up two weeks worth of packs to see me through until our group starts on the 5th Jan. She thinks i will be ok for any potential losses. Also i am going to work out the calorie allowance of the planned lapses and burn those through exercise in the mean time. Its only two meals and I have another fortnight until the weigh in, so fingers crossed everything will be ok. Thanks for the advice, its much appreciated. Christmas is such an awkward time of year, but i decided to get back on to this for a reason, so got to keep that in the forefront of my mind! xx


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Hi - it's not only about the calories - it's about being in ketosis. If you are eating carbs in food then you won't be in ketosis - irrespective of the exercise that you do. You can still go to the events and not eat, you could have only protein and veg or you could start completely in January. Doing it halfway is likely to mean that you are hungry a lot of the time and won't get big weight losses.


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I am cutting back on carbs for Christmas day so doing lite for my main meal and the only other planned lapse is on the 2nd January. Unfortunately the Berkeley don't let u attend and not eat when you are booked For afternoon tea. When I was on total sometimes months in I would only just be in ketosis. With 50g of carbs per day in the foodpacks its not exactly "low carb"..but for me, i can burn any excess glucose over this fairly quickly with high interval training. I do about 5 hours in the gym a week....once the 2nd is out the way it's total all the way until goal. I am happy with this plan and so is my LLC, just need to get going and some losses under my belt now xxx