Star Spotting

Record your star spots here!!!!

I was at lunch in London today and saw John Birt (ex BBC director)!

However my Mum sat in the seat that the last time i was in this restaurant Freddie Lundberg (Arsenal player) was sitting in!!! (Arsenal=yuk, Freddie=yum)
I have sat next to James Nesbitt on the tube in London, he is lovely and friendly and has reallly busy eyebrows lol

I have had a door slammed in my face by toyah wilcox!

I met nassa hussein at an airport in germany, along with some other cricketers but I didnt know who they were just my boss was very excited!

Seen most of the England team at Stansted airport and Alan Shearer waved at me, cos for some mad reason I blurted out Toon Army. My boss was very embarrased!

Have met Kylie about 7 years ago at Stansted Airport too, she was realllly realllly tiny and gave my friend I worked with half her baguette!

Dream Team - Stuart Naysmith at Gatwick with his family (dont know his real name)

Les Battersby and Dan from brookside (cant think of his surname) on the same holiday in Faliraki but not together!

My Cousin is Amanda Wilson who sings a few dance songs (love on my mind is most famous)

ohhh what else!

I met Jason Donovan when I was in Joseph and his Technicolour dreamcoat about 15 years ago!

Pat Sharp at Gatwick

Bobby Davro pulling out of a petrol station in front of me in Kingston

Jethro - blew a kiss at me!

Colin Fry and Tony Stockwell, but paid to see them and met them after their show - not sure that counts?!

My ALL TIME FAV!! Paul Danan on the train to London and he signed my book I was reading but told me off for not asking him earlier in the journey rather than at his stop!! OOPS! He had the most gorgeous blue eyes!

If I remember anymore ill post again!
Sat by Steven Gerrard and Alex Curran in Cafe Nero in Formby today. There was another great loooking guy with them who I suspect is a famous footballer too but didn't have a clue who he was!
Gerrard was lovely, cleared all their plates and cups away etc, happy to chat to anyone and lovely with his young daughter. Seems dead normal.
My brother used to be in a scout group with Keith Chegwin.

Years ago I went with a group of friends to see Chris Tarrant and Tiswas live and one of my friends was singled out by him for special treatment. He kept bashing her over the head with a huge sponge mallet and drenched her with water and confetti!:D She loved it! haha!

I served one of the Brookside hunks a few weeks ago at work. Don't know his name but he played the one who was into car mechanics and is in Hollyoaks now. He was with this dollybird who was slobbering all over him (she knew he was being ogled by people!) eeuuww!
Blimey ajax - are you sure you aren't a professional star spotter???

Parked next to Vic Reeves at the circus many years ago - spent ages thinking up witticisms that i could stun him with after the show but had to leave early cos DD was scared of the clowns!! :mad:

Also saw Tom Baker in the village post office where i work - post mistress was a bit of a strict one but she licked his stamps for him - he said in a big boomey voice "oohhh to be that stamp"!!!!!!! That was years ago too.

Did sit behind John Fashanu (footballer) years ago at a Soul II Soul gig but didn't really count as i didn't see him til my sister told me he was there after he left!
Great thread!!!

I don't even know where to start as in my previous life I worked for the BBC, Channel 4 and an independent video company that used to shoot George Michael's videos so I'll go for the non-work related "spottings"!

Have partied with Ian Wright and many of the Arsenal boys on many an occasion over the years. ;) Moving on swiftly!

Met Les Ferdinand when we were on honeymoon in St Lucia and he invited us to his house for a barbie! Had a great time!!

Saw Jessica whatsername a few weeks ago in the park (the one that used to be in Space and was Cheryl the next door neighbour in The Royle Family)

Used to work for the same company that Daley Thompson was a partner in and saw him and many athletes on a regular basis.

Kim Wilde made over our back garden when we appeared on Garden Invaders a few years ago. Alastair Appleton (the gorgeous one on House Doctor) was the presenter so I spent the whole day with him!! :)

Met Dale Winton and Dermot Murnaghan earlier this year when I appeared on a couple of quiz shows.

Had my photo taken with Lennox Lewis about 15 years ago - he was soooooo boring!

There are a few more so I'll post them a little later....need to get on with packing my boxes!!
Ive only met Cobra from Gladiators about 10 years ago!....How SAD!! he was signing his autograph for everyone at Alton Towers
Oh! and ive seen Rowan Atkinson (Mr Bean) at a race meeting in ....somewhere or another..oh...Croft.. thats it!
he was racing his MG.
id love to meet Vinnie Jones down a dark alley way though.... mmm :D :eek:
I bumped right into Rowan Atkinson once in Soho, Central London. He is soooooooooo tall! :eek:
Queen Mother was my landlady when i was a student! I lived at a conference centre in Windsor Park. Went to church with Queen and Philip, Diana and Charles, Fergie and Andrew, they were all there!
I had a big argument with Joe Pasquale at work when he demanded special treatment.

He complained to my boss who threatened to fire me i told him i would rather be fired than take orders from a grown man wearing a pink stetson who sounds like his nuts have been slammed in a gate !

I was fired!

It was worth it and turns out he does talk like that all the time tw*t !!!!!!
Superb!! Where were you working m8?

I once went on Weakest Link and hence met the ginger witch herself!

cool. what round did you go in....
5th :eek:
not bad, not bad at all!