Star Week


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S: 16st11lb C: 15st8lb G: 10st11lb Loss: 1st3lb(7.23%)
I'm on my star week and did the stupid thing this weekend! I weighed myself. I was almost 4lb heavier! I get weighed tonight and I am so hungry as I am frightened to eat anything in case it makes me even heavier!My diet this week was to the book- not a single cheat, so will the weight come off next week?????
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your scales may be completely different to them at your class,
and my SW consultant said you have to eat to loose the weight, or your body will just 'store' the food as it will not know when its next meal is, and it won't burn it off like it would do if you if you eat properly regularly.
dont starve yourself because you have a weigh in, your in this for the long run and you may be surprised when you get weighed tonight.

Good luck!!


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If it doesn't show this week and you have stuck to plan then it WILL show next week, that's for sure!!! Don't worry, make sure you eat and keep up the good work! Ps I hardly eat on WI day.... well I do when i've been weighed!!!


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Women's bodys are strange LOL. If you have stuck to plan this week but haven't lost when you get weight tonight, it will definately come off next week... it's only fluid retention. Don't be too disheartened if you don't get the result you want, look forward to a nice loss next week

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Don't worry hun, it'll be water retention and will deff come off next week. But your scales are prob different to the groups so your worrying yourself over nothing. Not eating is the worst thing you can do and will undo all your good work!
Stay off those scales.

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...what the others have said Hun....I always hold water when its TOTM, so am never surprised by a gain that week.
You will loose the weight next week if you stick to plan 100%...also try and drink some water during star week - eases cramps and also (dont know why), helps with the weight loss.


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im gonna be like this as i feel bloated already and ive not started * week yet, but as soon as im 1/2 way through i literally feel thiner when the water retention melts away, dont be dis heartened it will show in weeks to come! good luck with WI tonight x nic x