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Starbucks addiction!

I've realised after being paid today and finally covering my overdraft and my debts with my very kind parents that I cannot continue this addiction with Starbucks! All the staff there know my name and they even know what's going on in my life! If I have a coffee everyday until next payday I'll be £60 overdrawn :eek:
I know that I can have a skinny latte as a HEA and it's so hot and tasty and it keeps me warm all the way to work but is it really worth going into debt for? I'm in for a very miserable month :(.
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That super sucks.. i have the same problem with various other things, .. its the little things that get you through the day, but then its £60... Thats a wii fit from tescos... or a week and a bits shop.. or some new clothes for your skinny self.. or petrol in your car for like 2 weeks?

i dunno.. its lots of things.. or a little bit of warmth that gets you through the day.. but for a £60 debt..
I'm ok now but I know as soon as I'm walking up the hill to work in the freezing cold I'll want one. I should have more will power than this! Maybe I should use all my HEA's before I set off for work so I definately can't have one? Hmmm.
Could you not do your own hun??? Maybe buy some of the Options Latte sachets (2.5/3 syns) and buy a travel mug and add hot water before you leave for work??? xxx
Sounds like it's a ritual for you and maybe you like the whole exeprience of going in the chat and maybe even the cup they serve it in as well as the coffee! Sounds weird but have you though of buying a nice new mug for yourself and taking a flash of milky coffee for when you get to work?
Actually yes I suppose it is a ritual/habit with me! I'll have to find a travel mug/thermos to take some skimmed milk and Options in with me. I've thought for a while now that I've wanted to stop going because it costs me a fortune, now is my chance to go cold turkey. It's now or never!
When I retired I was puzzled by how little cash I was getting through. Then I realised that I wasn't buying stuff when passing through railway and underground stations, and wasn't buying Pret or Eat sandwiches and diet coke at sandwich shop prices.

I did sometimes take stuff to work with me, but there wasn't always the time to do it, and my weight and my pocket benefitted from the lack of temptation!
How about once you've got out of the habit, use it as a way of treating yourself when you've had a good week? I'm doing that - every time I lose half a stone OH and I will indulge in a dominos pizza. It acts as motivation and incentive!!!

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