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Starbucks advice


Going to starbucks today to meet a friend for lunch I don’t really bother with coffee etc but going to get one as a treat what would be best for me to get?
Was thinking a light mocha frapachino? Can I use my hex a and deduct syns?

What would you get?Also anything else low syn like sandwich/ wrap i expect not so prob just get fruit :)

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You'd be best going with a tall skinny latte which you can use as one HEXA or 5 syns. The sugar free syrups are free or the normal ones are 1 syn per pump. You can't use your HEXA for Frapps and I'd stay away from any of their wraps or sandwiches, they're very deceiving! Enjoy!
The normal ones are made with cream but I'm not sure what they use for the light ones, safer to stick with stuff that's already measured out for you, a tall cup is 350ml skimmed so it's perfect!
Iv forgotten im using Hex a for dinner to make a pasta sauce so going to go with the frapuccino mocha light and syn it 6 syns for a treats not bad :) not had any this week yet as was saving for weekend but use some today thanks for advice

From the slimming world website:
Frapuccino Mocha Blended Coffee, Light, 1 tall 6 6 6
Mocha light frapuccinos are lush! Just like a slush puppy for grown ups!

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