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Starrry's Battle

I had been snooping around this forum and found it really inspiring and supportive. So with great intentions I planned to start my now or never, do or die diet today.

I suppose I can't actually say I have properly dieted before. The reason being that whenever I try to discipline myself its like everything in me screams to eat crap. I also have this view that dieting isnt for me but I decided to go on weight watchers, as I do need inspiration for recipes and a good idea of potion control and how much i should be eating.

Im 28 and feel like if I dont lose the weight now it will be even harder when I get older. So I set off on today feeling mighty inspired and my boyfriend comes in with a slice of gala pie. there was no other food in his house so of course i ate it.
I thought then that I could claw back this day and stay within my points allowance. Almost unconcsciously I went to the shop and bought three packets of crisps on my way back. Then i got a takeaway for dinner. Arrghh I cant even diet for one day.

However Im determined to visit this forum for inspiration every day and be open and honest in my diary. maybe that will give me the self discipline I need and allow me to see how greedy I am ;-) I may still be able to lose this week by some miracle and a eating next to nothing as Im sure I will have used up most of my allowance. If not I will write this week of as practice. If I can do this for just two full days it will be the most I have achieved.

so here goes and good luck everyone.
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On A Mission!
You are allowed to fail on the first day :) its not that unusual. Just DONT make the same mistakes tomorrow!

You can do this, but you need to be more organised, so make sure you go shopping and buy ONLY the foods you can eat. Do not buy something that looks like a good idea just because its low calorie and good for a snack, buy food for proper meals and you will have a good day tomorrow.
well today I went over my ww points allowance as I ate too big a portion for my dinner. I hope I can claw it back with exercise through the week and don't continue to go over. Im really dubious about the free foods concept on this diet and am a bit worried that its making me doubt the whole thing.

So I'm going to view it as a temporary stop gap that I can use to start building on. Im going to use it as a tool to learn about portion sizes and how much I should be eating. Also If I can stick to it then its the first thing that I have stuck to so I can use it as a spring board for making healthier choices. I drank 1 and a half litres of water today but intended to drink 3. Still this is more than normal and helping me to be more mindful. Im also listening to health and fitness podcasts to keep my head in the game. So I wouldnt say that today was an overall success.

Lynn today I took your advice and stuck to meals however I did buy one packet of Skips - which are free foods would you believe??? I managed to go to the supermarket starving and avoid buying a sandwich to eat on the way round as well as ignoring all the pastries, doughnuts and sausage rolls that were reduced to 10p. that felt very empowering. So tomorrow my goal is to claw back those points with exercise and try and drink the 3l of water as well as sticking to the plan.

Viva La Diva

A Brit living in the USA
Hello and welcome, you are a lurker no more !!!! Haha !! I understand how you are feeling, I always used to say I'll diet tomorrow, or one of the hundred other excuses I had !!! Losing the weight is a journey, never (unfortunately ) as the crow flies, but via some interesting odd little side streets along the way... Don't be too hard on yourself...tomorrow is another day....

Diva x

( still trying to follow the map !!! hehe !! )

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