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start again after christmas!!!


Back on the diet train...
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ok ive thought about this alot an have decided to restart LT in january.

my mum has paid for us to go away in november all inclusive and its been crazy at home so not really been doin it properly anyway which is a waste of time an money.

plus i no it sounds daft but my head just aint in it at the mo which with this diet u need to succeed. i was speakin to my mum an she sed if thats how i feel then i shud stop, enjoy xmas an then start as i mean to go on in the new year.

this still gives me time to lose for my mums birthday in april an my birthday in june. :)

i will still be comin on this forum 2 see how u all doin an get my inspiration for january. :D so not totally goin. ;)

thanks 2 everyone for there words of wisdom an support. its good to no i now have this to help wen i restart.

good luck 2 everyone with their losses!! spk soon guys. :thankyou:
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i tink its very important to be in the right frame of mind so you seem to have made the right decision just try and not let the eating get out of control while your on your break and getting back into lipotrim in the new year shudnt be as hard. enjoy your holiday and christmas an come back all ready and inspired to loose your weight. Good luck Hun!


Is a loser! ;-)
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Its a hard decision hun, but you do sound like you are making the right one for you. Enjoy Your holiday and christmas and We will still be here for you in January. The good thing about LT is it also makes you more aware of the food that you do eat when you go back to eating...I find that when i look at something i think more about the nutritional value and if it will fill me up first...whereas before LT i would just eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING!


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You are right about having to have your head in the right place, and there's no point at all in half doing LT - in fact it's probably bad for you. I decided in August to start LT in Sept after a holiday and my other half's 40th birthday and ate like a fool putting on loads (I've got no idea how much as I avoided scales like the plague).
I hope you have a great holiday and Christmas, but as you've already invested loads of effort in LT I think you should try to keep getting weighed weekly and do your best to make sensible choices if you possibly can. Every pound you don't put on now will be a pound less to lose in January, so at least try to maintain your current weight.

Sorry if I sound like a killjoy - I really don't mean to - but I don't want you making the same mistakes I did.



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hey hun, i agree u have to be 100% committed to LT or theres no point. why dont u try healthy eating for the next few months then when xmas is over and u start LT again u wont have as much to lose.
just cutting out 500 calories a day is a loss of a lb a week. thats almost a stone by xmas.
good luck hun and enjoy ur holiday.

x x
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good decision hun - if you're heart and heads not in it - you're basically wasting your money!

take it easy on the food over xmas etc or you'll lose all your good work so far! glad to hear you're not leaving us altogether!

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You're completely right - if your heart's not in it you've got almost no chance on this diet & furthermore, you start messing around & resent doing it, so it's better to come back to it refreshed & ready to go!

I hope you enjoy your trip & that everything goes well for you after Christmas!!



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Yup you really do have to be 110% committed to this diet to get the best results and if you are not in the right head space you are not going to do it.

Well done on making a decision, enjoy your time away and christmas but be sensible with food etc dont go getting careless :)
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I know how you feel, I too have decided to break off LT for xmas and the new year and start again in jan with my pharmacist's support. I thought long and hard about it too, but with 3 weddings over the xmas and new year period, and my parents coming over, my head won't be in LT mode and i would probably end up cheating and making myself worse, so i am refeeding for 2 weeks before xmas and coming back on in early jan (1 month off). we can do it together bex. good luck
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sounds like the right decision. I started initially in july this year. I went away in sept so did the refeed and came off it. When it was time to restart i was happy to do so i felt i needed to get back to it. In the interim i was careful and i put on 13lbs but it was over a period of six weeks in total (two of which were all inclusive in cuba)
i am sticking to LT rigidly but with xmas i decided to come off enjoy myself and restart in jan. A good thing i found form having a break was that i break the boredom that inevitably kicks in and as i had seven stone to lose at the start i don't think i would have made it had i not had a break. Its good that you can see that and are not cheating as you would only cheat yourself.
Good luck xx

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Of course, you need to be in the right headspace to do this diet. You will get back on track in the new year. Perhaps, try and eat more healthily in the meantime.


Back on the diet train...
S: 17st1lb C: 17st1lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 41 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thank you!!!!

hey guys thanks 4 the supportive words. its great knowin u guys r here an that u agree wiv my decision. :)

i thought long an hard about it. it made sense to wait so that i can get my head together an wiv all the family things we doin this year, it wud av been a waste.

im gonna eat healthy foods an stay away from the rubbish. lol. the good thing also is that i av to pups that r at the age to av 2-3 walks a day which will b gud exercise so hopefully wont put to much on. :p

thanks agen. :wave_cry:

love bex!!

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