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Start now or wait until after Xmas?

Hello everyone,

I have done VLCDs before and they are the only plan which seem to work for me. I have lost 5stone and regained it twice now (and I have lost count of the number of times I have lost and gained between 1-5stone!) I have actually put on 1stone in 4weeks!! Every night I have thought, tomorrow I shall start and every morning I have forgotten that thought :eek:

Im really at a loss now, its stopping me doing things I enjoy as I prefer to stay in PJs on the sofa than face people looking like I do :cry:

Should I start tomorrow? Or wait until after Xmas with it only being two days away? Problem is I know me, and I know Xmas will turn into New Year and there is the possibility of at least half a stone going on if not more!!

Thanks for the advice in advance! :(
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i would deffo say start after xmas. all the food around is too tempting. i blew it today. what you need to do is come on here just after xmas for support and a kick up the bum to get you started. :)
I would say wait until after Christmas. Otherwise you will just feel incredibly guilty if you do slip up which I do think is often inevitable at this time of year.

I dont know about everyone else but I am going to be straight back on track boxing day. By that time Im hoping to have the food and sweet thing out of my system and can get back into it 100% again.
Yep same as above, wait until after Xmas... That's what I'm doing otherwise it would be a logistical nightmare with the amount of stuff ive got on. I have 4.5 stone to lose so roughly the same as you, if we both start just after Xmas we will be at goal in no time at all you will see... Even a couple of stone off and your confidence will be boosted and it will encourage you to stick with it xx


I'm a greedy pig
i am the same. i have decided to research on here and start a diet after christmas. i don't think i will be able to lose weight let alone at christmas[i eat too much at the best of times due to gluttony]...i am intending to try and maintain and not go to overboard

best of luck and hope you have a merry christmas whatever you do
What you could do is go low carb over Christmas, and enjoy all the savoury things on offer, which help get your body ready for VLCD.

If you're really motivated to do it, just start whenever feels right to you.

Good luck, and you know you can lose the weight again. Having lost 5 stone previously and put most of it back on, I'm really glad I have started losing it again, it feels brilliant. I woke up one morning in October and decided right, today's the day to start, and I've stuck with it since (well, with Atkins variation when we went on holiday).
Anyway, good luck xx
Thanks for all the advice! I have decided to start on boxing day as we go to the pantomime and it will keep me away from food!! Hope everyone has a good Christmas.


Gotta Make A Change
yeah im starting on monday myself, xmas is extremely a hard time to do a vlcd
but i wish you all the luck hun
and every one have a wonderful CHRISTmas and blessed new year
Merry Christmas everyone! Looking forward to starting now as think I am more stuffed than the turkey! Haha

May start Monday though as I usually do start on a mon and my mum brought me a tube of 60 Jaffa cakes! Can't leave those! Haha x
I was going to start again on 4th Jan, but I think if I wait till then I will explode, so I am going to start on 29th December instead, and to be honest, I can't wait!
I'm starting on 29th too and I'm more excited about that than Xmas!
Hiya, I'm new to this board having done ww & Cambridge before. I ordered my exante bumper shake pack last night and can't wait to get started!

I'm going to start on the 4th jan once the kids go back to school and we are all back in the routine. May start earlier if I feel the urge & we have no plans. So looking forward to getting back into the clothes I was wearing and are now too tight :-(

Hoping to be a regular on here! Good luck everyone! Xxx
Hey all, I am starting on either 27th or 28th depending on how long we stay with the inlaws. I really can't wait either.
Got my months supply and ready to roll with it.
Looks like there's a few of us starting before the new year!
Yep, raring to go!! Hoping to have my first week down and dusted by the time I go back to work!! And hopefully be that little bit lighter too! Xx
I'm restarting on 2nd January too, after lunch at my parents on New Years day. I'm actually looking forward to it too, feeling very bloated and lethargic with all the carbs and choc! I'm sure there'll be a "January Starters" thread, so I'll see you all there! x

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