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Start of my new, thinner life (hopefully!)

Hello everyone.

I'm new to the forum after lurking and reading for a while but thought it was about time that I signed up.

My name is Heather, I'm 33 and live in the Scottish Highlands. I'm married and have two brilliant boys.

I've just started Xenical and think it will really help me if I keep a diary of how I'm doing. I don't expect any of you to read my ramblings but I think it'll really benefit me (and save my poor husband having to listen to my moans ;)).

I've followed various diets over the years with varying success. Weight Watchers always seemed to be the best for me but having moved really rurally, I discovered that there was no Weight Watchers within an hour's drive. I did sign up to do it online but realised that I really need the discipline of someone watching over me, so to speak.

My weight has crept up and up and up until it's reached a horrific size. I keep saying that I'm going to do something about it but there always seems to be a reason (or excuse!) not to. I saw my GP recently and I got talking about my weight and how unhappy it's making me. I never speak openly about it, not even to my husband, but I opened up to her about my love/hate relationship with food, the difficulties I've had losing weight and she asked if I fancied trying Xenical. To be honest, it's not something I'd ever even considered before but after having a good chat with her, decided that it was for me.

So, I jumped on the scales and utterly just mortified to see that I weighed 299lbs :cry:I'm someone who avoids scales, who'll never look in a mirror so to actually see that figure in black and white has really kicked me into action.

I decided to start last Monday with following the 5 gram fat rule without the Xenical and weighed myself this morning to discover that I've lost 9lbs in a week - that's without the Xenical!! I've always had really good weight losses in my first week or two but know that'll settle down.

So, today has been my first day of taking Xenical and so far, so good. I don't want to set myself goals other than a loss each week purely as I have such a lot of weight to lose and I don't want to be daunted by seeing, "goal to lose 10 stones" markers. It's not going to happen overnight but as long as I can chip away at it, I'll be happy.

Anyhoo, thanks for reading if you have and I'm off to read more of your hints, tips and success stories. Look forward to speaking to you all xxx
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Violet is shrinking
Welcome to Xenical hun, you'll do well here with us, we all support each other, kinda like a family here.

It helps if you get a ticker and just set it 1 stone instead of bigger chunks, you'll be surprised how good it feels to see that ticker going to goal :)

Lots of luck!
Just thought I'd update this as I'm a few days in now.

So far, so good. I'm on my third day of taking Xencial and no side effects at all yet. That's probably because the biggest problem I'm having is getting enough fat in my diet. On Monday I only consumed 19g fat, yesterday 21g and today (by the time I've had my dinner) will only be 10g!

This has been what I've eaten over the past couple of days. I feel like I've eaten loads but very low on the fat front. If you've any ideas how I can get a wee bit more fat into it, I'd really appreciate it:



4 turkey rashers, 2 slices wholemeal bread, scrape of Flora light, mushrooms, tomatoes. 5g fat in total.


M&S Simply Fuller Longer Ham Hock ready meal, fun size Milky Way. 10g fat in total.


Uncle Ben's Express Chicken Savouriy rice, turkey breast, strawberries. 4g fat in total.



Cornflakes, semi-skimmed milk, banana, Muller Light. 3g fat in total.


M&S Count on Us Chargrilled Chicken risotto, Magic Stars ice Cream Stick. 10g fat in total.


Pasta made with philly extra light, turkey rashers, mushrooms, splash white wine. Can coke (sugar rush was much needed :D). 8g fat in total.



2 slices wholemeal bread, scrape Flora light, banana. 4g fat in total.


Uncle Ben's Express rice, sweet chilli sauce. Meringue nest. 3g fat in total.


Egg noodles, turkey breast, mushrooms, spring onions, broccoli, soy sauce, ginger. 3g fat in total.

I'm down in calories as well each day but more concerned about the fat as the pills probably won't do much good if I'm eating such low levels of fat. It's not deliberate - I just can't seem to find that middle ground between too little fat and far too much.


Violet is shrinking
Hi hun...I've noticed from your meals, you're eating out the rules hun, are you following both the 5g and the 15g rule?
What meals are outwith the rules? I'm reading every label and eating nothing (other than my sneaky Milky Way ;)) that has anything above 5g of fat per 100g on the labels and ensuring that, using that rule, my meals aren't over 15g of fat.

I'm I'm doing that wrong, please point me in the right direction!


Violet is shrinking
It sounds like you have control on the rules hun, but the milky star ice cream, milky way, flora spread are all out of the rules and they could bring on a tango, and not always straight away.. apart from that though, you're doing so well :)

The egg noodles you had, were they dry or the fresh type? I love egg noodles, but I can't find any fresh in the rules :(

For extra fat, you could try cereals, chocolate mousse (ww do a lovely one in the frozen section) pretty much anything you fancy really within the rules...eggs are good for extra fat, but sometimes can bring on a tango, depending on the person, I've never had a tango from egg...
Bunny, try the Asda fresh noodles, they are within the rules. Just gone rummaging through the big to find the packet but it is too manky!!!!


Violet is shrinking
ooh thanks...i'll look online :)

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