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After lots of false starts & trying to count ww points I have now had to admit that I need to get back onto SS ing :(

This morning my poor old scales groaned under the weight of 12stone :eek: . I have been feeling increasingly tired and know it's the extra 1 1/2 stone I am carrying about with me plus the fact I am eating crap most of the time :cool: .

So far today one litre gone plus one pack and feeling fine. :rolleyes:

Hopefully I will keep you updated of my progress & any words of encouragement would be gratefully appreciated.:p
Good Luck ROSB
your weight will fly off you in 4-6 weeks your be at goal and celebrating a slim fab Christmas in your lovvvveeeeeeeely new dress :D
thanks for the support folks, but have failed again today :( :( :(

Have just read Steves posting and am now going to dig out my cambridge books to have a look at the 790 plan, never reallydone this before but think I may give it a go.

here's to tomorrow :confused:
Go and look at my diary thread - it might help you. :)

I have struggled for a while and moved up the programmes for a few days. I am now back ss ing and although it's early days i feel stronger than ever!!!

You can do this just keep at it!!!!!

Pick yourself up and try again, maybe the 790 plan will be better for you just now and perhaps it'll be a good way to break you in gently to SSing again?

Good luck.