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Started Atkins today! Please read me x

So having hovered in here for some time, I have decided I really like the atkins concept and have started today, however need to buy the books tomorrow as I want to do this properly.
I actually started this morning hoping to get back on a VLCD, so had a lighterlife banana shake. The pack says per serving it is 12.1 carbs (eek!). I have also had an atkins coconut bar which on the front says 2.2g carbs but on the back says 14.8 so I am mega confused now?!?!?
Just about to have 3 jimmys sausages and 2 eggs.
Can someone please assist me with calculating the carbs and if today would be a good day or bad day in the wonderful world of atkins.

Much love,
Sophie xxx
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Hi Sophie! Welcome. I'm not actually on Atkins (but hang out here a lot). I think you have to figure the difference between NET carbs (which may be what's listed on the front of the packet) and TOTAL carbs. There's a method for calculating (I think by using the fibre listed?) It will say in the book for sure, but for now I'd say you need to stick to only proteins and near-no-carb food. I'll let the other "official" Atkiners say for sure :)

Good luck to you!!


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Hi Sophie and welcome from another Milton Keynes dweller.
A lot of it comes down to good carbs and bad carbs I think. I prefer to stay clean and green whereas others may prefer to use "frankenfoods" such as bars, shakes etc. Whatever works for you really.
Good to see you here. Post often.
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Welcome from one ex LLer to another! I lost 3.5 stone on LL but have gained most of it back. Now I'm trying Atkins as it seems to be a way to change my eating habits long term...

Good luck!
So can anyone help me calculate carbs please. Xx


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Hi Sophie and welcome. Most labels in uk are already net carb ie fibre has been subtracted and you just use the carb as per label. Us/canadian labels usually still have fibre in so you have to subract to get to net - usually obvious as fibre is shown as a subset

The bars are trickier - the manufacturers claim that polyols dont impact blood sugar and therefore you can subtract them like fibre - thereby a 20g bar is only 2 net carbs or so. But it seems to be person dependent - many people stall if they use bars and other "frankenfoods" or it does impact their blood sugar and they get cravings - so wagon falling off happens next!

I would strongly suggest that on 2 weeks induction you avoid all extras, bars and substitutes and stick to protein and veg - clean and green



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Oh yes - even tho you've 20carbs a day, you want to spread them out and probably never have more than about 6 at a time otherwise you will still impact your insulin which stops you getting into ketosis
welcome , found 2 large recipe atkins book and a planner all for £2.75 in a charity shop today .......... so as i'm on this for life i purchased them !! i did LL and lost 3 st but that and more went back on xx
So clean and green means follow the induction foods on the Atkins official site, right?
I can easily not have shakes or bars, but have stocked up on the low carb sausages on the Atkins shopping list sticky. Also got loads of steak, chicken and green salad and cheese.
I wi miss cereal and noticed some people have flax?!?! Would this be ok to have during induction and also, can anyone describe the flavour/texture for me please.
hi sophie
I think most people on here mean clean and green as a pose to the dr atkins new diet revolution book (DANDR) the last one atkins wrote himself beforehe died
Flaxseed is fine to have on induction as long as you dont go overboard with it
im just doing induction myself and have been having flaxseed and have still lost weight on my first weigh in today :)


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I don't think there is a way to describe flax! It's kinda gritty in texture and making it into porridge is trial and error as it can go a bit gloopy but it's not bad with cream and splenda. Personally savoury Mims are too sweet for me.
An alternative way to use flax for a cereal type thing instead of porridge...............

"Cinammon Flaxmeal Crackers

1/2 cup Flaxmeal
sweetner of choice to taste
1 tsp cinimmon
1/4 cup water

Mix together till you can form a firm ball...spread between two layers of parchment paper and roll out very thin....remove top paper only....bake on cookie sheet at 350 for about 20 minutes till crispy...remove from paper and cool....these can be used as cereal...just break up small and pour heavy cream on them.. " (thanks Linz for the original posting) xxx

I have used this in the past and while not perfect it does have a more cereal type texture and I love putting cream on it and not feeling guilty lol
Hi Sophie and welcome, you've come to the right place for help and advice.


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Hello all,

another newbie here!

I got ground flax seed mixed with nuts today. Not too keen on the MIMs but will try some other recipes. I also have the problem on counting how uch carbs I have actually taken in. And how big is an ounce? People talk a lot of 4 ounces of cheese. I dunno how much that is.

One more thing, I get full pretty quickly but then keep getting hungry sooner than usual. Is that normal?

Thanks for the advice!



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Oh, thank you for that! I am still getting used to different measures. I am good with grams, kilograms etc etc ;)
Nuts! what nuts, not on induction


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Oh I wasnt aware of that. He didnt have any plain flax seed there. Its walnuts I think. I had only 2 MIMs though. :S

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