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Started atkins today :)

Hiya fellow atkin lifestylers :)

Well today, after years of messing about with diets, CD, slimming world, WW, you name it i've done it!! I have decided enough is enough, no more diets for me!

After reading these forums and doing other research online over the past few years I have finally accepted I am addicted to sugar and flour, basically refined carbs, that my body just doesn't need or want.

So i've decided its time for a lifestyle change, losing weight is not the motivation although I hope its going to be a bonus:D and I am far too heavy at the moment but I want to eat how we are supposed to eat hopefully for the rest of my life. I won't be weighing myself, I don't want to get hung up on what the scales say, its not important to me at this time, its more about feeling better, eating better and if the 1lbs drop off great!!

Sorry for waffling guys, just wanted to get my thoughts down and my reasons for doing this, been collecting ideas for menus off this site and others and looking forward to trying them out.

Will hopefully try and post often and offer support to other people who are trying to kick their carb cravings.

Thanks for listening:)
Imlosingit (yes probably)
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Hi and welcome to Atkins. I'm looking forward to you losing weight and posting to tell us. :D
Hey, thanks for the reponse Jim and Laura.

Jim your photos are amazing, I bet you feel great. Is it easy maintaining your weight now? Do you still have to remain vigiliant over your carbs, or is it something you don't think about any more and just do. Lol hope that makes sense.
Welcome, Imlosingit. I'm new here too and have tried most recently The Cambridge Diet (lost 1.5stone) then tried SlimFast (didn't lose anything) and now this diet.

I'm only on day two and feel better already for cutting the carbs. I have more energy and feel much like I did on CD - though don't have the weakness associated with fasting.

I hope you lose loads while here and make some friends, too.
Do you still have to remain vigiliant over your carbs, or is it something you don't think about any more and just do
I've been doing it for so long I hardly ever think about it now. I have found it easy to maintain, but I do then to keep slipping back to induction levels if I'm not careful. :)
Very well thanks, had a headache this morning and felt a bit sick but seems to be wearing off now. Did a ketone test this morning and am now in the pink. I am finding it surprisingly easy and although its early days I really feel this is the right way for me to eat.

How are you getting on Penny? Like you I am finding I am getting the same wellbeing that I had when I was on CD, but without the tiredness. x
Morning all,

how are we all today?
I'm fine as well, 1 week and then I'm away to the South of France for a weeks holiday. :)
Day 5 in the atkins house.

Its going really well and I have had my first non scale victory. A skirt that I couldn't zip up last week now zips up, now although its not yet a comfortable fit its not far off, so I must be doing something right:D

Today for brekkie I had something I've not had for years, kippers, they were quite nice and made a change from eggs although I suspect they are going to repeat on me:p

Got a busy day today, out and about so for lunch I think I will have a cambridge shake left over from my cd days. Tonight I think will be chicken in a cream sauce with mushrooms and brocoli.

Now if I can just keep my hand out of the macadamea tin............

Non Scale victories are great.

The feeling of getting into something that hasn't fitted for years. :)
Yes they are, Im feeling great and the best thing is feeling I am not on a diet, because its a lifestyle change. Trying not to count days because it should be irrelevant, but old habits die hard.

South of France, how nice, can I come?:D
That is so well put, It's not a diet, it's a change of life. Well done.
Would you fit in my suitcase. LOL
Hello all, i am new to these forums and also new to the atkins diet, so thought id drop a line.

I started induction this morning and i am on a mission to lose 54lb.

I know its not gonna be easy, but i am going to give it my best shot.


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