Started Calorie Counting Today...Going ok so far

Discussion in 'Calorie Counting' started by MissyMV6, 28 September 2008 Social URL.

  1. MissyMV6

    MissyMV6 Full Member

    Hi guys thought I would attach myself to the calorie counting forum:)
    Just lately I have tried a few diets but I did manage to lose a stone before my hols (cal counting).
    Since coming back from my hol (6 weeks ago) I have not lost any more weight.
    Therefore I have decided to get my head together again and start cal counting:)
    So thought I would say hi to like minded cal counters.

    Angie x
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  3. munkypooh

    munkypooh Warning-Contains Nuts

    Hello and welcome! :)

    Well done on the stone loss!
  4. MissyMV6

    MissyMV6 Full Member

    Thanks for the welcome munkypooh (love the name by the way) I have managed not to go over my cal allowance today :) I cancelled my £30 a month gym membership this morning and I bought myself a pair of running trainers and used them this afternoon for the first time.
    I am planning to run every other day and follow a fitness dvd and weight training on the other days without overdoing it of course;)
    Angie x
  5. munkypooh

    munkypooh Warning-Contains Nuts

    That sounds like a good plan!
    I'm trying to stick to my similar plan, I've been really good apart from the last 3 days, so I must make sure I start back behaving myself tomorrow!!

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