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    FATSAM Member

    I started CD last Sunday and messed up on the 2nd day, really went on a massive binge and I still feel really guilty!

    I had......
    A handful of minstrels, followed by a handful of malteesers, then got home and I just couldn't contain myself, even though I had 3 shakes and drank 4 litres of water!
    Anyway, I had a doner kebab with chips, and a galaxy bar! It felt good eating it at the time but I felt like sh*t afterwards and the guilt was just too much! Decided to take a laxative to try and cancel out my nuts do I sound????

    So that's my fall off the wagon, since then I have done SS 100% and have been drinking 3-4 litres a day but I'm so scared that I will only lose 2lbs or something when I get weighed this Saturday!
    Has anyone had a bad binge in the first week and still had a good loss????


    P.S. I weigh 13st 5 and I'm 5ft5 so I have 4 stones roughly to lose!!!

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  3. canireallydothis!!

    canireallydothis!! Gold Member

    Hi Sam, Ok, first of all you need to stop any cycle of binge/laxative. This isnt the way forward and will mess your insides up.

    Put that bit behind you and move on, you will still have 5 full days of SS behind you, and whether its this week or next week the weight will come off.

    Take each day at a time and dont look too far forward, SS works, no doubt there, but dont beat yourself up.

    You should have a good loss still

    Good luck x
  4. loobyloo85

    loobyloo85 Louise

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    I started CD on Monday 3rd so i am on day 4 now!!
    If you need someone to talk to or to motivate each other im always on here or my msn is [email protected]
    Its a really hard diet but i am determined to stick to it!
    im sure you will too!!
    Youve taken the first big step by embarking on the diet so you owe it to yourself to stick to it!!

    Dont feel bad about falling off the horse! Dust yourself off and climb back on!
    put it behind you and start a fresh!!

    Good Luck and im here if you need me!

    Lou x :D

    FATSAM Member

    Thanks for your comments! I haven't cheated once since Monday so I'm feeling very proud of myself, just hope I get a good loss at my weigh-in on Saturday!

    Congrats on all the weight you've lost, you're pics are amazing!!!
  6. atlonglast

    atlonglast Member

    Hello I started on Wednesday and yesterday was fine except I felt so hungry in the afternoon and shaky etc.... but i kept telling myself that I was n't going to die from hunger and just stick with it and thought I would be so much prouder of myself if I managed to go whole week sticking to it and this week will be the hardest one......... a good saying that I really think is true is nothing tastes as good as being slim........this is my first time on CD just be motivated my the thought of fast weight loss .keep drinking :tear_drop: and keep logged in here.......and it'll soon be rolling off.

    FATSAM Member

    Thankyou, hope you have a good week too!
  8. atlonglast

    atlonglast Member

  9. Splash

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    Hi Sam, yes I had a binge halfway through my first week and still lost 11.5lbs. Keep on track now, drink that water and hopefully you'll still have a good loss. This diet seems amazingly hard at times, especially the first week but keep going and you will lose the weight. Good luck.:D
  10. atlonglast

    atlonglast Member

    well i am just glad could follow instructions on how to set up a ticker
  11. EllieG

    EllieG Silver Member

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    Well done on getting back into and sticking to since then - that's the important thing and the most difficult to do.

    It'll get easier after the first week :D
  12. vj

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    Get yourself into ketosis and stop those pangs (hunger or guilt).
    Your councillor would have had her (his?) blips so you can fess up to them and they'll support you. You know how bad the time after eating feels, maybe it'll prevent you attacking those munchies again.
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