Started CD Yesterday..


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have the strawberry one with crushed ice in the blender is really nice

good luck x


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I have most of my shakes with crushed ice, I end most days with a pint of crushed ice chocolate mint milk shake, it's lush.

I'd say if you can make sure you always take a tetra out with you if you're going anywhere, that way if you're tempted or hungry you don't have to wait until you get home, because sometimes going past the hungry stage can be your downfall.


I can do this.
The choc, is nice hot, its just like a hot chocolate drink. Good luck.


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Welcome:)Week 2 weigh in for me tonight! I have sickened myself with the apple and cinnamon porridge, so going to get some shakes i havent tried yet. This is a great forum, been spending most of the day reading stories and looking at photos. Good luck in your journey xxxxxxxx