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Started five days ago

Hi all,

Well I just started Atkins five days ago and am not sure i'm doing it right.
I am not a big salad person so am not getting many leafy greens, so here is an example day's menu,

Breakfast -
Scrambled eggs (with butter),
Bacon or sausage

Lunch -
Frozen Burgers (x3) with medium chedder,
Full fat mayo

Dinner -
Strips of beef flash fried in very little vegetable oil with a little tomato, onion & red pepper

Snacks -
Pepperami, chicken wings etc.

Lots of water, vitamins with iron, iomega 3

I had real bad headaches the first 3 days (these have now passed) but my legs still ache a bit.

There's no point in me saying I will eat lots of greens. I wont because I really don't like them.

Just wondering if I am on the right lines or completely wrong.
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have you got the book, if so i would get it salt very important, greens toms a n o no onions watch them or loads info on the atkins site.

Yes I have the book, struggling to get my head round it to be honest.

You say greens and tomatoes are a no no.

I know about the tomatoes, (was just using about a quater of one along with peppers so that the meat wasn't too dry).

I didn't realise leafy greens were a no no.

Can you expand on the salt issue?



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I'd say the same as stephen, watch out for tomatoes, onions and red peppers. All quite high in carbs while in induction. Other than that it's looking good. Just take a pain killer for the headaches, they should pass shortly.


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i think steven hasnt written his reply properly,

Greens are good to go on induction,
Tomatoes however are either not permitted or you allow VERY small portions and count them in with your carb allowance.

there is a very basic principle,
do not eat processed foods.
meat and eggs - do not count carbs
top up your carb allowance with mainly green veg or salad,
remember to take into account any drinks you are having (milk in tea/coffee, squash,even fizzy drinks)
Keep your water intake up, ie 3/4 litres a day ( i believe)
do NOT weigh on a daily basis, it messes with your head lol do it once a week or once for the first fortnight.

You can eat when your hungry and start to notice when your full, dont gorge, your allowed to eat when your hungry again!!

Snacks need to be available for the 1st couple of weeks till your appetite dies down, so pepperami, meats, boiled eggs.

that should just cover you for induction :D

xx Cathy xx

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Heres a list of the acceptable foods on induction and what weights to have each day:

I know you said you're not a salad person but have you tried bringing the veggies together in your meals? A few ideas that spring to mind that you could try so you're getting your greens down you could be:

Mushroom Omlette (Omlettes take almost anything and are a good meal)
Crustless Quiche with Broccoli and Stilton
Stirfry any meats with Bamboo Shoots and Cabbage, Mushrooms, Peppers etc
Theres a recipe kicking around for a Pizza crust made from Cauliflower. Try that and add your meat as toppings.
Stuffed Peppers with meat/cheese/anything

And if you're wanting a pudding Rhubarb is fantastic. Chop some Rhubarb and roast in the oven on 180'c for about 20mins, sprinkle with a bit of splenda and have with double or whipped cream.

Lots of ways to disguise your veggies but like the book says the majority of your carbs allowance should come from them x


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Hey, another guy, hi Paul and welcome mate. :)

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