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Started last week and up a pound!!! Devastated!!!

Is today your official weigh in day???

Have you been measuring all your He's ?

Are you wearing the same clothes?

Is it * week related???

Could be for many reasons honey, theres loads of threads on here similar so you might find the answer out as to why x
Thanks , but honestly have done everything , was sure on my first week I'd have a few pounds lost!! Maybe half * week but I don't know!! Very disheartening, and I was sick so my appetite wasn't half wat it normally was!!!
* week affects us all differently so you may see a patern & it could well be this thats affected you, or you say you were sick & your appitite wasn't normal, that could be your answer.

Stick at it, it will work :)

You could always post a food diary for people to look over, sometimes what we are eating that we think is right might not be, little things, like peas & sweetcorn on red days or things that arn't a HE, kellogs special K for instance.


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I gained a pound on my first week too and was ready to give up. But I stuck to it and didn't even do anything that different the second week (except eat loads of grapefruit and melon because of them being "super speed" foods) and at my second weigh in I lost 2 and a half lbs. I think it's silly of Slimming World to make a big deal of the "first week" because depending on what you were eating before peoples' bodies MUST react differently to the diet. I can't believe that everyone will always lose loads of weight straight away. Me for example, every single diet I've ever been on, it takes me ages to lose weight but when I do it all of a sudden starts to fly off. I would stick with it, you may be surprised with the results, and remember slow weight loss is better than fast weight loss anyway!
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Yeah, for instance if you were on a low-carb diet before, changing to a normal carb diet would immediately make you hold more water.
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Could possible also be your weighing scales?

Are you able to nip to a boots and use their scales? You may see a difference?

My rules of thumb are to weigh myself at the same time, in the same clothes and to of had the same routine (ie not having breakfast or drinking beforehand etc etc!)

Stick with it and i am sure you will see a difference! xx


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Have you started exercising? Your muscles can hold on to water if you have .
I hope so ladies, was eating my grapefruit this morning and thinking maybe I'd just have some toast instead!!! Wit loads of butter!! So decided to stick wit it, have many many stones to lose, so maybe thought I'd have four pounds off this , u know in first week ww u'd always have a good bit off in first week to boost u!! And have my sisters twenty first this weekend which seems to be goin on for four days, wit parties, family dinners etc!! So I'll peon have nothing lost either next week!! Will have to be very strict wit myself!! Thanks for all the replies though


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The other tip is to make sure you are drinking enough - I aim for at least 1.5l liquid if not 2l as a minimum. It's easy to forget to drink enough, especially in the winter and it does make a difference.


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sorry to hear what happened. but you know give it 6 months and everyones weight equals out - at about 2lb's a week - so even if you had a massive loss your first week then within 6 months you'll find that it will be around 2lb's a weeki.

never give up - you haven;'t failed because of one week. YOU CAN DO THIS.

Good luck

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