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Started LL Yesterday

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Hi all
I started the LL diet yesterday, so far so good but i am struggling with not eating. I so want and need to do this as I cant have ivf treatment until my bmi is 30 or less. Im 40 so dont have alot of time to play about with it.
I realise how much im addicted to food just like i was with ciggerettes until over a year ago when i gave up.

Anyway, any help or positives vibes would be most helpful.:cry:
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Well done for starting! Just focus on getting through the first week and you'll be fine. The hunger and cravings do go. Just take it all one meal at a time. You're on the right path and you'll be at a healthy BMI before you know it. Stick to the programme 100% and you'll be surprised at how easy it really is!
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Agrees with what Surrey Slimmer says !! Welcome and take one day at a time. If you can give up smoking, then you can do this, it does get easier. The first week is hard, I'm not going to lie, but come here, talk to us, and have a look at the Mini-Mins screensaver and all the fantastic weight losses !

Good luck with your journey and your IVF
Yes. The most difficult part is the first few days. But once you're in ketosis, you're not hungery anymore and you don't crave food as much, so it becomes much easier overall.


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:wavey: Welcome Debblaze!

this place is a god send really gets you through the ruff times. Im on week3 and the first week is the worst after that you get into the swing of things and your first loss will spur you. I think you have an amazing goal and it will definitely keep you going through the hard times.

My top tips would be

1. Get into a routine with your packs
2. Drink loads of water
3. Keep yourself busy with walks and pampering yourself!!

there is an october starters thread at the top of the stickys come along say hi there too.
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Welcome and just wanted to say good luck with the programme. Visit the forum as much as you can, you will get a lot of support and encouragement here. Have you had a look at the inspiration slide show... truly inspirational. I think you have an amazing goal... just keep that in mind and you will stick to the programme no problems xx


Surgically happy.
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Good luck, Deb. You have an amazing incentive there and I know you can do it.

You won't feel hungry in a few days at most (for me it was a day and a half). Hang in there!
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Good Luck. We are always here to ive some encouragement the women here are all lovely!
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Good luck to you on your journey to your new self! You have a great goal to aim for - a very important one!

If you stick to this diet, faithfully, you WILL lose 1 stone a month, at least. After the initial climb into ketosis, its the easiest diet in the world I found.

Just approach is with every singlu ounce of positive attitude you can muster, remind yourself its a temporary measure to get you the things that you most desire - you are not giving up food forever.

Visualise yourself at the goal you want to be - see that image every single day. Just hold that image - and before you know it - it will be the reality.

Use this site whenever you feel weak. There are so many better things to do then sabatoge your diet, and this site is a great resource for support and encouragement, tips and advice, or a collective ear and collective big shoulders. We are all in this together, and want to see everyone succeed - so keep this site at your fingertips for those tough times! It was a real life saver for me.

All good luck - chin up - you are going to be slim and healthy when you try to start a family - what a wonderful worthy goal.

xx :)

Hello Deb:wave_cry:
Just want to agree with eveything the others have said. It'll soon become routine for you - you will see results so quickly and everyone on here will support and inspire you. If you feel temptation or a wobble comnig on have a drink of water and look at the photos on here.
Just remember your motivation -your IVF is much more likely to be a success if you persevere.
Good Luck:welcome:
Also, just remember, if you do fall off the wagon (which i'm sure you won't), it's not the end of the world; just pick yourself up and carry on the day after.

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