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    Hey everyone :)
    Started my CC on monday with MFP and so far so good :) could help but have a nosy at the scales though and get the measuring tape out and iv lost 4lbs and just over an inch of my tummy :D
    I know this will slow down but still a good enough boost to keep my on track. I started with 4stone to lose and im hoping by around august time as that plans out at an average of 2lbs a week.
    I know this is it im sticking to it this time and im going to lose the weight i will be slim for winter at the latest :)
    I lost 1 & half stone during my pregnancy as i didnt change my diet but i carried on looking after my horses and all the other pets ect my whole pregnancy the only day i got off was the day i had my little boy whos almost 4months old so its time to lose the rest and im sure with everyone support i can manage it :)
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    mfp ..calorie counting
    hi debs
    good luck on your weight loss journey and well done on your loss already x

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